Beauty life hacks. 4 ways to get hair full of volume

Hair that doesn’t want to be set the way you want it to. Hair that is thin and looks like ‘glued’ to the head. That does it! Today, we’re going to talk about how to add volume to hair. We will do it in a simple way, without leaving home and, what is the most important, effectively 😉

My beautiful readers, are you ready to completely transform your hairdo in just a few minutes? I hope you are ready because you are just about learning how to do this. I’ll show you that it isn’t as difficult as it might appear to be. All you need to know is a few tricks that enable your hair to show its beauty. And you will find the very tricks below. Keep reading!


DIY, Hair Powder


65 g of cornflour + 65 g of baking powder

Mix both loose products. For brown-haired women I recommend also adding 1-2 spoons of cocoa to make the powder darker. If you want to, you can pour 3-4 drops of lavender oil. Thanks to this, your hair powder will smell wonderful. However, if you see lumps creating while mixing the ingredients, use a strainer to sift it.

How does it work?

Cornflour and baking powder are good at absorbing sebum and counteracting clotted hair. When applied to the hair roots in moderation, it helps add volume to hair. Just sprinkle hair, wait a few minutes and comb it thoroughly. Your DIY Hair Powder works similarly as a dry shampoo.

  • Have your hair layered the right way
    If your hair is layered appropriately, this can definitely change your look for your benefit. Naturally, I don’t want you to layer your hair yourself. In this case, I recommend making an appointment to a good hairdresser who does something more than just use hair-cutting shears. Skilful layering adds volume and shapes hairdo beautifully. I find this rule being true many times.
  • Wash and blow-dry your hair with your head down
    As I said it at the very beginning of this entry, you don’t need much to make your hair full of volume. The easiest trick is just washing your hair with keeping the head down. Moreover, if you combine it with getting your hair dry remaining in similar position, your hair will gain volume because each strand will be lifted up at its root. Would you like to have tumbling curls? Apply a diffuser to your blow-dryer’s air-outlet grille and keep drying the hair moving the device upwards; collect a strand on the diffuser and move your hand up reaching your head. The effects will surprise everyone.
  • Tie up your hair before going to sleep
    It’s generally believed that if you tie up your strands before getting to sleep, it helps the hair to be lifted at its roots and boost its volume. However, I beg to differ; not every tie-up will gift hair with volume. There are two rules that are important: hair can’t be tied up to tightly, and the tie-up must be located at the very top of the head. I’ve already worked out my own ways of making my hair voluminous while sleeping.

The best night hair tie-up that adds volume to hair:
a loose bun (so-called a snail bun) located at the top of the head

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