How to Tackle Hair Thinning? Easy: Avoid These Few Things

Hi, girls! 

When the fall comes, our hairdos have a hard time. What does it mean? Thinning, worse condition, oily scalp because of wearing a hat. That’s why I decided to share a few ideas with you on how to prevent hair damage and thinning.

Don’t wear tight updos. Avoid pony tails and buns. Such hairdos weaken hair bulbs and trigger thinning. Don’t use metal pins and clips and hair ties with metal elements as they do a lot of harm, causing hair creases, falling out and breakage.

Some hairstyling treatments also lead to thinning e.g. coloring, permanent wave, too much heat styling. Interestingly, overusing styling products (hair spray, gel, wax) makes hair weak and thinning. Such products can even irritate your scalp, which may have sad consequences in the future.

Before buying hair and scalp products, pay attention to the list of ingredients. Choose cosmetics that will help you tackle your scalp problems. The cosmetic industry offers lots of products, ranging from shampoos, masks, conditioners to oils, ampules and scalp treatments. Good hair cosmetics should contain, among others, panthenol, biotin, vitamins A and E, proteins, herbal extracts, butters and oils.

If you really want to keep your hair from falling out, change your diet. Food has a huge impact on the condition and looks of the hair and scalp. Fast food, fizzy drinks and salty snacks can worsen their health and consequently cause hair loss. That’s why you must enrich your diet with products that include vitamins A, C, E and H, zinc, iron, copper, silicon, amino acids and fatty acids.

How do you keep your hair healthy and beautiful? 

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