Cleansing Hair with Baking Soda – Failed Colouring Fix

Have you ever heard about washing hair with baking soda? If you haven’t, enjoy reading the latest post in ‘wise hair colouring’ series.

The topic will appeal to women who are disappointed with their hair shade after colouring. Obviously, women bummed out with the new colour will do all it takes to save their hairdos. Using baking soda is one of the tricks that work in case of emergency. The effects delivered by soda are similar to the action of professional colour removing products. Surely, they’re not as spectacular.

My Adventure with Baking Soda

I was a victim of failed hairdressing experiment. What can I say… my hair had an off-putting colour of mould instead of a greyness adored on Instagram. At first I thought nothing could be done but finally I followed the advice of girls on other blogs and decided to use baking soda. I had to spend some time convincing myself… nothing encouraged me to apply this white powder on my hair.

How to Wash Hair with Baking Soda?

I’ll tell you about the method I use – it’s the blend of all online tips. You need:

  • tablespoon baking soda,
  • a portion of mild shampoo e.g. for kids.

That’s all you need to wash the colour out and effectively cleanse the scalp. Mix both products and wash your hair as usual. But remember to use an acidic mixture (vinegar or lemon juice + water) for the final rinse. It will close cuticles, restore natural pH of hair and add softness.

Washing Hair with Baking Soda – EFFECTS

Time for the most important part of the article – what are the benefits? Soda has wonderful cleansing properties. Thanks to a very high pH, soda lifts hair cuticles and enables removing dirt (also the unwanted dye). It’s a widely-available product which frees hair from silicones, product buildup, oils, toxins and other things that traditional shampoos can’t deal with.

I recommend baking soda for hair washing not only when you have problems with a failed colouring treatment. Use this method for an intensive scalp cleansing or when your hair is weighed down with products. Just don’t overuse soda because too often use can make your hair dry.

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