Eyelash Care. Do I Recommend Nanolash Serum?

best eyelash serum nanolash

How does Nanolash work for you? – The question I have been receiving recently.

I will answer all questions today. At the same time, I will tell you about the right eyelash care. Two in one – you will get answers to the intriguing questions whereas I will satisfy my need for educating my readers. Kill two birds with one stone!

the best eyelash serum - Nanolash

Nanolash eyelash serum

It is one of the most popular growth serums. Nanolash is a cheaper option that matches the natural needs of lashes better than other competitive conditioners. I have used lots of them so believe me… Even though Nanolash looks fancy and offers great quality, the manufacturer did not give a shocking price. Instead, the price is reasonable and adequate to effects. I will tell more about them later…

effective eyelash serum - Nanolash

How to care for eyelashes?

The best idea is using a good serum e.g. Nanolash that you have seen on my profile many times. Before telling about eyelash enhancer benefits, a few words about a suitable and reasonable eyelash care routine. It is not so obvious.

!!! First of all, cut down on things that harm the lashes: waterproof make-up, curlers, eyelash extensions, tinting, putting on false lashes, harsh make-up removal, etc. You know what I mean; there is no point in dragging on this.

However, an everyday eyelash care with a conditioner is the most important thing. It is the best source of nutrients delivering eyelash repair and strength from within. It reaches the source – weakened bulbs that are the most common cause of the poor condition of lashes.

healthy eyelashes with Nanolash

On-point care

The way we apply Nanolash serum has a huge impact on the effects. The product is used like an eyeliner. The difference is the serum is ideally absorbed and does not leave any signs. It penetrates bulbs and gifts them with all nutrients. Remember that a hair bulb is the only living part of hair; it is responsible for the growth. That is why all spiral conditioners bring no results.

Nanolash works at its best for eyelashes in the phase of growth. Usually, it means the majority of lashes – 80-90%. The serum urges lash bulbs to work faster so after just 2-4 weeks you can clearly see a quicker growth. The effect lasts throughout the treatment and a few months after completing it. Nanolash bottle is enough for my six-month daily use. Then, I take a two-month break and go back to the treatment.

How does Nanolash enhancer work for my lashes?

I have been using Nanolash for over a year and a half because:

  • Nanolash before and after treatmentit strengthened, hydrated, nourished and repaired my weak lashes.
  • it reduced eyelash thinning.
  • it extended my lashes and boosted their volume, delivering the eye definition.
  • it effectively replaced mascara in a daily make-up.

To me, Nanolash growth serum is irreplaceable in an everyday eye care. I have not noticed the effect of darkening, curling or shine-boosting but I never expect such things after reaching for a growth boosting serum. I have always aimed at reinforcing, lengthening and adding volume – Nanolash is the winner here. Considering the effectiveness, it beats all other eyelash conditioners.

That is all for now. Time to sleep so I rush to apply Nanolash. Writing posts late is really tiring. Let me know if you made any use of the info I gave you. Will any of you get tempted to test Nanolash serum? Check it out on official website: nanolash.co.uk. Take good care :*


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23 Comments “Eyelash Care. Do I Recommend Nanolash Serum?”

  1. Laura

    do you have any before and after photos?? ?

  2. Booo

    I caved and ordered it couple of days ago. For now I just started but can’t wait for the first results

  3. evie19

    I think I know that is that competition product it talks about 🙂 I also use it 🙂 it works just as good as nanolash only the price is almost twice as high.

  4. helen

    Eyelashes curler??? there is something like this???

  5. cherry pie

    it is true that extensions destroy lashes terribly. After few treatments I have half the eyelid bald.

    • toni

      Eyelashes strips too? But it’s way better solution than extensions!

      • victoria

        If you glue it often it weakens lashes and when you take it off it can damage them.

  6. eveline

    As to this rough make-up removal I agree. I always quite quickly and harshly remove my make-up and I then pull out some lashes. Now I use oil make-up removers so the process is easier and no make-up removal is way more gentle 🙂 never before have I used eyelash growth enhancing serum but if it works than I think I’ll try 🙂

  7. anna_molly

    I’m a bit scared of such conditioners cause I heard that often eyelashes fall out.

    • mrs c.

      It was in my case at the start and I get scared and stopped using it but then learned that sometimes there is a reaction like this but then start to grow new longer eyelashes. Well, that was in my case.

  8. belle

    I also use for several months now, effects were after 3 weeks,. Of course these are super long but what I like most is that previously my lashes were dry and light at the tips and now they are dark all the way and really hydrated. In the morning all I need it a bit of mascara and look amazing

    • Julietta

      I had similar, before it took me several minutes to apply mascara no two strokes and I’m done 🙂

  9. sunflower

    I’m month in and no difference… what’s it about??

  10. pinky

    isn’t good mascara for length enough?

  11. marth

    As to darkening I saw some change but when it comes to the curl there is none but for that I have great mascara.

  12. joAnna

    I don’t know if my lashes are darker or I just imagine it but seem thicker and there is more of them which is pleasant surprise. I use Nanolash for 8 months and i’m now on my second bottle. Only that I did not make any break in application, just for some time now I use it every 2-3 days (when I remember about it:)) and obviously the effect sticks.

  13. meGGie

    I was disappointed. Lashes are longer I’ll give it that but as to thickness I expected more.

    • fado

      I used other conditioner which helped when it comes to strengthening lashes because mine were weak and fall out. It is probably why I suddenly had more lashes but these have not been longer.. I’d love to try this one but its a bit too expensive for me :/

      • Ely

        I know that the price may seem a lot but such expense once per six months is sensible since it works great

  14. Nell_81

    I applied castor oil to lashes and brows and are also longer now.

    • xyzzyx

      I tried castor oil but it only cost me an irritation to eyes.

  15. Margot

    My eyes are super sensitive and many cosmetics leaves me with allergy. Can I use this conditioner? After castor oil I had no allergy but neither any effects :/

    • lis@

      I have same with every eyeliner, after using any my lids are prickly, but after this conditioner nothing happened neither at the beginning nor at the end of the treatment 🙂 I bought nanolash cause my girlfriends recommended it knowing I have sensitive eyes.


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