Lashcode – Eyelash Repairing Mascara? My Review

verlängernde und verdickende Wimperntusche - Lashcode

Hi, girls!

Today’s post focuses on one of the most important make-up products.

If you search for a good mascara that will gift you with a beautiful make-up in a minute, take care of each and every tiny eyelash, nourish and force lashes to grow faster – reach for Lashcode.

Today, I’ll tell you why the mascara stole my heart and – so far – is without equal.

Lashcode - perfect mascara

Lashcode Mascara – Why I Bought It?

Without doubts, this mascara caught my attention. It’s the first one including so many conditioning ingredients. The description on the website sounds really encouraging: the mascara contains Soy Extract that boosts eyelash growth; Baicalin that protects eyelashes; Wheat Extract that strongly regenerates and moisturises; Arginine that is a natural amino acid – crucial for lashes: nourishes, strengthens, delivers elasticity and facilitates the transmission of nutrients.

I thought that if Lashcode paints as amazingly as conditions… it will be the cosmetic of the year (at least to me).

most popular mascara Lashcode

Lashcode Mascara – My First Impressions

The mascara came in a beautiful and neat packaging. I was amazed by the metal bottle. The monochromatic black matt looks fancy. I don’t like pink, golden or shimmering packagings of beauty products. Such ‘medley’ scares me because I have an impression the cosmetic has been created by someone crazy. That’s why Lashcode stole my heart from the very first moment.

After untwisting the bottle and taking the spiral out, I knew the wand is solid and has a cool shape. The mascara doesn’t leave nasty clumps or stick silicone bristles together. I knew make-up would be very comfy. The spiral doesn’t scare with huge sizes.

best mascara ever Lashcode
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Lashcode Mascara – Effects on Eyelashes

The first layer of Lashcode creates a pretty and precise day make-up, which is enough to show the lashes to the world. The wand scoops the right amount of the mascara, nicely separates and combs the lashes. None of the tiny lashes is omitted. Each one is covered with satin blackness. The mascara stays clump-free even after applying another layer.

Lashcode Mascara – Effects on Eyelashes

Moreover, Lashcode is very long-lasting and flake-free. I love it because I have a non-stop contact with people at work and don’t feel like checking if my mascara is on my eyelids or cheeks all the time. Lashcode never lets me down. What’s more, taking it off takes a moment. The mascara is easy to wash off with micellar water; no need to harshly rub the lashes so they no longer fall out as they used to. It’s probably thanks to the conditioning components. Generally, I truly love the mascara. Lashcode keeps fresh long and I don’t need any conditioners or primers to enjoy beautiful and healthy eyelashes.

Summary. Lashcode Benefits:

  • quickly dries on lashes and doesn’t leave marks on the upper eyelid,
  • no need for a primer or conditioner,
  • intensively conditions eyelashes,
  • stimulates eyelash growth,
  • protects lashes from damage,
  • incredibly extends eyelashes,
  • precisely separates,
  • one layer is enough,
  • offers an excellent pigment,
  • it’s easily washed off,
  • makes the lashline fuller,
  • thickens eyelashes,
  • gives a natural effect of long and thick lashes,
  • it’s long-wear, no flaking,
  • formula keeps fresh long months,
  • comes with a precise, silicone spiral.

Has any of you used Lashcode mascara?

I’m dying for your opinions! To me, it’s the best mascara I’ve ever used.

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23 Comments “Lashcode – Eyelash Repairing Mascara? My Review”

  1. Sweetee4

    Mascara and serum 2in1? I guess that’s the first such product or I can’t think of any…

  2. ColorfulllGR

    I’ve heard only good stuff being said about the mascara but the cost of it puts me off. I know that it doesn’t cost a mint and that there are more expensive mascaras (which reportedly arent that good) but still, for me its a little too much 🙁

    • Jane68

      It’s a lot for me too but I don’t regret spending money on it. It rocks! I decided to save on an eyeliner and got a cheaper one, instead I invested in the mascara and believe it or not… I stopped using the eyeliner in everyday makeup. The mascara itself is enough to give a mind-blowing effect 🙂 It really makes the lash line full of lashes, darker and basically it ‘does’ the entire makeup 🙂 You can buy Lashcode for less money on its official webpage if you order two or more tubes. I’m going to order it with my girlfriends the next time

  3. Catherine

    Defined lashes make the final effect. Even perfect make-up with face contouring, highlighter, eyeshadow, etc. won’t make an impression if there are no long, full and dark eyelashes. that’s why I always prefer to go for excllent mascara and don’t regret spending more than usual.

    • Crayon5

      good mascara that stays on lashes all day is a must-have in my beauty bag plus a long-wear lipstick, that’s all I need 😉

      • Maneater

        in mine there are also mascara and foundation 😉 these are two cosmetics I can spend much on

  4. Sunrinse111

    I know mascara that after 3 layers gives no effect whatsoever or clumps lashes and creates spider legs, but this one keeps lashes beautifully separated. I hope it’ll strengthen my lashes in the meantime

  5. Ollie19

    I totally agree with what is writen in this article. This mascara is really incredible

  6. Natalianine

    Packaging is really tasteful

    • JJ

      very tasteful, I don’t like colorful packagings either, they make me think of beauty products for little girls 🙂 And this mascara looks as good as it coates lashes 🙂 Also, it’s suitable for using is a as ellegnat gift, great thing!

  7. Victoria_U

    imo its an absolute hit. //i dont knwo any other mascara providing such the effect, it separates extended and thickened lashes flawlessly. its easy to take it off and it stays on lashes the entiore day

  8. JuicyFruit

    Actually, it really is highly-pigmented, the color is intensely black. Some mascaras just look black and depending on the lighting, they turn out to be grayish..

  9. 15Hell6

    I’ve got this mascara too and love it. If there was as long-lasting eyebrow set I would be in heaven 🙂

  10. Daga

    the mascara doesn’t amazed me that much but maybe it simply doesn’t work on my lashes

  11. Tiramisu

    I’m truly smitten with this mascara! The effect I get resembles false extensions, yet it still looks really natural. And this isn’t only my opinion because many girls keep complimenting my lashes. Also i think that fewer lashes are lost during makeup rmeoval. I don’t know whether it’s due to the nourishing substances or the fact that the mascara is easy to take off, but still, I can see the difference

  12. katiesun2

    Where can I buy it? I asked in a few drugstores and can’t get it anywhere

    • Tiramisu

      I ordered it on lashcode website

  13. GingerKaty@

    It’s a pity it can’t be bought in any shop because I’d give a try to a tester or at least examine how it looks like before I spend money on it

  14. Grosheck92

    I look for a mascara that can give you this super length and volume because I stopped applying extensions and I need to somehow “replace” this effect

  15. Isabella_l

    Is it gentle enough to use it with contact lenses?

    • Meee

      I wear contacts and use this mascara and everything is okay, no irritations

  16. Gooh100

    Fine quality. The mascara didn’t dry out until the very last use, it kept the consistency the whole time, the make-up I wore was alsways splendit free from clumps :*

  17. _margie_27

    i’m pretty satisfied with my mascara ’cause the length and thickness are top notch ( and it’s a bit cheaper), but sadly I can’t say that lashes are softer or more elastic when using it


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