Best Methods for Instantly Shiny & Healthy Hairdo

Hello, beauties! 

Forever luminous, beautiful and healthy hair. Are you interested? Do you sometimes wake up with dull and fatigued hair? Or did it turn out that a new conditioner really repairs but fails to beautify your hairdo? I gathered the best ideas for fastest shine-boosting methods.

1. Leave-In Conditioner

If your hair is dull after blow-dry routine, go for a smoothing or moisturising conditioner. I guarantee that your hair will have a nice and subtle shine. Just don’t apply too much not to weigh hair down.

2. Natural Oils

My great love… The choice of the right oil depends on our hair porosity so it’s something personal. Luckily, many oils match two types of porosity (due to the proportion of fatty acids). Castor, argan and jojoba oils add amazing gloss to all hair types. A drop or two – applied from mid-lengths – will do.

3. Special Shine-Boosting Lotions

They’re in now – spray conditioners that increase shine and help with detangling. They also protect against UV radiation and heat. Shine-boosting lotions often contain natural oils that illuminate and repair hair.

4. Liquid Paraffin

Don’t do the treatment too often. Once a week is enough. Apply liquid paraffin to hair and leave in for 15 minutes – it works like hair lamination. As a result, hair will be shinier, more elastic and manageable. Remember to apply small quantities of liquid paraffin because it’s very hard to wash off.

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