Natural Hair Care in My Beauty Routine

Hey, girls!

I meet a lot of people who ask me about products I use for nourishing hair. They are also curious about my hair care routine – step by step. As it turns out, even buying a shampoo and conditioner can be troublesome. We are not sure which products to choose so they are free from harmful substances, do not cause allergic reactions or hurt our hairdos.

I hope the post will help you pick the right shampoo and conditioner as well as prompt you about repair products for beautiful hair.

1. Hair Shampoo – How to Choose?

Many women wrongly believe that a shampoo is able to repair hair. What is the point of getting a product that promises ‘bonding split ends together’ and other miracles? The trick is choosing a cosmetic free from SLS, SLES and other strong irritative substances. A good shampoo must gently wash hair, remove sebum, toxins and product buildup, and it cannot irritate the scalp. Herbal and organic shampoos are ideal. My friend – also crazy about hair care – uses mild kids shampoos. It is a jackpot! But you should go for a good cleansing shampoo at least once a month – it opens hair cuticles and prepares hair for a treatment (in my case – oiling).

2. Hair Balm

The balm or conditioner must be applied from mid-lengths to ends. It can contain a bit more ‘strong’ substances, volatile silicones and other emollients. The balm should match the shampoo to complement hair care. Natura Siberica balms are my favourites. This ‘Syberian’ company takes over the world’s cosmetic market as it uses high-quality natural ingredients, delivering an in-depth action.

3. Hair Oil

Natural hair oils are stunners. They are irreplaceable in my hair care routine. They have taken place of masks and beautifying lotions. Oils and oiling are the secrets of my beautiful hairdo. I love them because I do not only apply it to hair to repair the hair stem. I use it for scalp care as well – oils gift it with health, a proper blood flow whereas hair bulbs receive a mind-blowing power 🙂 That is why my hair grows at a breakneck speed! Nanoil hair oil – you will surely read more about on my blog – is my favourite product for hair oil treatment.

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