How to take care of hair damaged with bleach?

Hi, girls!

Have you ever bleached your hair? Me too. I regret it very much. I almost got bald. Luckily, months have passed since this unpleasant situation. I was able to regenerate my hair and now it looks healthy and strong. How did I do it? Read my post for today below. Perhaps you may want to try some of my hair regeneration methods.

How does bleached hair look like?

Hair treated with bleach is subjected to damages and falling out. It suffers from split ends much faster, is brittle and breakable, difficult to brush and model. Following the treatment, hair becomes matte, dry and rough in touch. It reacts badly to the atmospheric changes, free radicals and pollution in the air. You have to admit that bleached hair is not the best idea. Unless… you can take care of it properly to provide it with beautiful appearance and great condition. How to do it?

Take good care of your bleached hair!

Most of all, ask your hairdresser about the correct hair care for bleached hair. She will probably recommend products that will influence strands and scalp’s condition. Use gentle shampoos that are recommended for bleached hair and have no SLS in the composition. Should you use silicone? Yes, but only to protect hair against the sun or high temperature from the blow-dryer. Do not use cosmetics with silicone for everyday care. This substance coats hair and creates a barrier that makes impossible for harmful external factors to get to hair, but also the nutrients. For bleached hair use masks and oils. Thanks to those your strands will become elastic, soft, glossy and moisturised.

Practical bits of advice for girls with bleached hair

  1. Wash your hair twice or three times a week with gentle shampoos. The thing is you should rarely wash the scalp. Some shampoos can cause dryness, which can be harmful to your light hair. On the other side, sebum settled on the scalp can cause weakening of strands and cause dandruff.
  2. Say no to high temperatures. It involves both solar radiation and blow-dryers, straighteners and curler. Hot air contributes to dryness and can result in hair loss. What should you do then? Dry your strands with cool air, use rollers and limit flat iron use.
  3. Protect hair against the sun and cold. Use cosmetics with sun filter and wear a hat in the summer; in the winter wear a warm cap.
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