Refreshing plant based face care

How to make your skin always look fresh and youthful? How to make it relaxed, full of energy, and flawless? There are methods to achieve it so without further ado, I invite you to read the below article on how to take care of your skin and how to introduce natural plant-based care to your daily routine.

Plant-based face care – algae

It’s an absolute hit. Who hasn’t heard of the power of algae yet, hear me now that those are best ‘equipped’ in vitamins, microelements, dozes of plant-based sterols, and numerous other components with strange names that condition like nothing else!

They are great not only for the skin because algae dominate also the hair care department. A hair mask with algae is something we love to love. For the skin, I use algae in the form of face mask – it’s a loose, powder-like mask that is also often seen in the beauty salons or SPAs.

It is mixed with water or, e.g. flower water.

I usually use thermal water, I do the mask once a week and the effects are amazing. What do algae face mask do for my face? Immediate rejuvenation, refreshment, perfectly tighten the epidermis, even out skin tone, deep nourishment for the skin. Check out for yourselves!

Plant-based face care – aloe

Powerful plant. In ancient times people believed it to have godlike powers. Aloe is long-lived and humanity knows it for its healing properties for ages. This miraculous plant is a care master. It brilliantly nourishes, heals, and repairs damages calms inflammations, eliminates imperfections, spots, and soothes sunburns.

Aloe is rich in nourishing ingredients. Science proved that aloe juice and pulp contains over 200 different active substances that are highly valuable in care.

How do I ‘deliver’ aloe to the skin? Simply in the form of face serum, then I’m certain that its precious components will be absorbed deeper and reach those skin layers that require care and ‘renovation’. What is more, I drink aloe juice, but one important thing – if you want to deliver this plant in the form of food, buy bioproduct that was unsweetened!

Plant-based face care – avocado

Green avocado is a great cosmetic and a great idea for nutritious breakfast or lunch at the same time. Most of all, avocado is a valuable source of good omega fatty acids. It also contains 7 vitamins. All of them are important to the skin and hair. Avocado is always a great idea for beautiful skin because it matches all skin types. You can make a homemade face mask with avocado, which is smashing the pulp and apply it to the face (the easiest face mask in the world), or you can buy a good face cream with avocado. Due to the fact that those products are usually very rich, it is best to choose such for the night and apply in on top of a face serum.

Plant-based face care – common nettle

You probably already know common nettle is a plant able to strengthen hair and support faster growth and regeneration. It’s all true, nettle has plenty of microelements and vitamins, including B vitamins and is the perfect remedy for the weakened hair. However, I do not like to use it for my hair because it is later quite flat. Instead, I dring nettle brew every day, and this way it can nourish my hair, but also skin and nails. Keep in mind, that you can drink nettle brew for a month and then you should take a break. However, after a month, your skin and hair condition should improve significantly.

Do you like natural plant-based face care?

Which plants do you use?

Let me know!

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