Superfoods for Hair: What should you treat the hair with to prevent it from falling out?

Spring solstice – one of the best periods of the year when nature comes alive and we… start losing hair. Sometimes the hair falls out in clumps. How to stop this? Let me advise you: start nourishing your hair correctly. Today, I’m going to tell you what substances you should expose the hair to in order to improve it. Also, I’ll tell you how to plan the daily menu exclusively for your strands so they can feast and get stronger. You will see that introducing a few improvements and developing just a couple of new habits get you the hair you always wanted to have.

Hair: Why does it fall out?

The cause of hair thinning are numerous. However, if so far your hair has been behaving well, but you can see that now it’s falling out uncontrollably, then I’m 90% sure that you can put the blame on the so called seasonal hair loss.

This is a fairly common ailment, yet a very annoying one, right? Why does hair fall out? Because there are some changes taking place in our bodies. Our hormones are getting themselves ready for a new season, the organism is launching new self-regenerating processes and is preparing for the upcoming spring. Actually this is pretty fascinating how we humans are strongly connected and integrated with nature. Obviously, our bodies don’t give a think about the long faces that we make when noticing that our hair is falling out, so it carries on with all the processes. Indeed, this ailment may sometime look pretty terrifying, so you ask yourself “Should I really lose so much hair? How so?!” Therefore, if you want to fix this issue and slow the nature down, help your body a little bit and try dealing with this nasty hair loss problem wisely. Trust me, exposing your scalp and hair to a few “evergreen” treatments will give you nothing but benefits. I’m going to present you the methods that I tested myself.

Hair Thinning: Is it even possible to deal with hair loss?

Yes, this is possible. You can stop your hair from falling out and I’m giving you my word for that. I myself gave a few hair and scalp treatments a try, which turned out to be really cool! However, before you start fighting for stunning hairdos, you must realize that this goal won’t be achieved overnight. This process is rather long and requires you to be persistent with it, but most of all it requires you to be patient. Your hair will use some attentiveness from your side, trust me. Once you arrange this, you can think about a particular set of substances that actually GIVE the hair SOMETHING it really needs. These are the substances that supply hair with the nutrients it lacks or finds essential to grow thick and stop falling out. What are the substances?

Superfoods for Thinning Hair: A short guide

“How to prevent hair loss?”, “What should I use to deal with hair thinning?”, “I’m losing my hair! Please, help me!” – I keep receiving such messages from you. The girls who are about to get married seem to be the most desperate because they care for having fabulous hair so badly, but these nasty things are happening…

I know that me saying that seasonal hair hair loss will finally end someday isn’t much of a comfort to you. This hair thinning shouldn’t be a problem in a month or so because the scalp will slowly start growing baby hair. Obviously, before the hair grows out, your hairdo may look thin and volume-deprived. Therefore, I’m going to tell you now how you can aid the strands in their self-regeneration and most of all how to prevent hair from falling out. Here is the list of the most effective natural substances that deal with hair thinning:

  • CASTOR OIL – the undisputed all-time classics. Without doubt, castor oil is a genius, master and the finest remedy for thinning hair. Try using it once or twice a week by rubbing it carefully into scalp. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then shampoo the hair as always. This should help you out tremendously.
  • KERATIN – a marvelous protein, natural hair constituent and potent hair fixer – it helps even severely damaged and fatigued hair. It takes care of, improves and fixes strands incredibly well. It can be said that there is no effective and true hair care without keratin. Therefore, go ahead and reach for various sources of keratin, even the “masked” one, that is a keratin hair mask.
  • ALGAE – these are genuine superfood for hair since they are known for supplying the strands with an array of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, algae is able to replenish hair with moisture and help damaged hair get back to its “good shape”. Don’t be afraid and incorporate algae into your spring hair treatments because they act like a natural supplements that not only improve your hair but also prevent hair loss.
  • CUSTOMIZED OIL BLENDS that deal with hair thinning such as NANOIL – oils are nothing more but a good fatty acids treasure house. Our entire body craves for omega acids, so does the hair. Therefore, do your best to supply the strands with these good fatty acids in their finest form – reach for the blends of natural, non-refined and cold-pressed beauty oils that know how to improve hair, strengthen it and stimulate hair follicles to work more effectively.

Obviously, you can use more than just one oil (e.g. argan oil is universal, or the above-mentioned castor oil) and go for some customized oil blends. I’d recommend you to use Nanoil, one oil in three versions that are developed to satisfy the needs of various hair types (correspond to the level of hair damage). Apart from natural oils, their formulas also contain kerastim and baicapil – two substances that effectively handle the problem of excessive hair loss. In short, they combat hair thinning and promote hair growth. Add UV filters, panthenol, silk and keratin – these are the ingredients used to create Nanoil hair oils too.

  • NETTLE & HORSETAIL – I pair these two herbs because they can be combined and drunk together. Many bloggers suggest rubbing nettle and horsetail infusions into scalp, which is also a good idea. As long as the infusions positively affect the follicles, sadly they don’t improve hair appearance much. I’m pretty sure that when you treat the strands with nettle and horsetail, you will see the hair getting somehow dull and rough. For that reason, it’s far better to supply your body with these two herbs from the inside. Just a month of regular nettle and horsetail drinking (a cup per day should suffice) should give you beautiful, stronger and thick locks. And on the top of that, the hair shouldn’t fall out any longer.

I hope you would agree with me that the ideas that I’ve just presented you with don’t seem to be extremely difficult or troublesome to make use of, right? Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend you to introduce them into you daily hair care routine to see how many benefits they have. Let me know if you managed to combat uncontrolled hair loss! Kisses!

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