How to apply bronzer? Useful tricks I recommend to you


Today a little bit of theory concerning the use of a bronzer. Although we are already suntanned, it wouldn’t hurt to add more brown or golden shades to our face. Just pick the right cosmetic, use an appropriate brush and apply the product the right way. How to do this?

Where to apply bronzer?

Remember that bronzer must be applied to the face parts which would be naturally tanned by the sun. These are: a nose, a yoke bone, a jawbone, and the hairline (a forehead). How to apply the product to the nose? Put the bronzer to the sides and to the bridge of your nose. Just dab this face part using a soft brush. If your face is oily in T-zone, don’t forget to use a make-up base first so you can follow with a bronzer, yet in minimum quantity. When it comes to the yoke bone and jawbone, coat them with the bronzer but really delicately. Also, shape your face using the cosmetic by applying it just underneath and along the bones of lower jaw. Bear in mind to ‘stretch’ the bronzer up to the temples and slightly to the neck.

Which brush is the best one?

The truth is, you are the one to answer this question. Some of you prefer applicators made of natural bristle, the others like using brushes with synthetic bristle. However, remember to choose a brush of the appropriate shape. It should have flat and cut at angle bristle which is dense and soft. If you want to smear the bronzer, you can replace the brush with a round one.

How to apply bronzer?

Pay attention to the proper blending of the cosmetic. You can’t leave dark smudges and spots on your face nor create the mask effect. Therefore, before you apply a bronzer, remove the excess of the cosmetic by flicking it against your hand or the edge of the packaging. Regardless of the face part you want to apply the bronzer to, do it in moderate amounts.

Can you mix bronzer and powder? Naturally, you can. First, apply the powder and then go with a bronzer. Coat nose, yoke bone and jawbone with the powder so as not to create an additional layer form bronzer. Basically, you can mix both products to obtain a completely new shade of the cosmetics.

Last but not least, a bronzer, a foundation and a self-tanning cream you are going to use should be of the same shade. You won’t look good if you mix a cool bronzer with products the tones of which are warm. The difference of the shades will be especially visible on neck where you are going to apply all three cosmetics.

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