Highlighter – my favourite cosmetic. Types, properties, application

Hi, Girls!

The highlighter is my favourite cosmetic! Thanks to it your face is glowing, fresh and young. This cosmetic can truly redefine your make-up. Check out its properties, which type will be best for you and how to properly apply it.

Benefits of make-up with highlighter

The highlighter is a cosmetic that can work for most women. Perform make-up with this product and you realise that it is truly great. Besides, highlighter:

— provides a radiant effect of sun skimmed skin;
— makes face look healthy and fresh;
— rejuvenates face;
— emphasises certain face areas when used for face contouring;
— is universal — can replace your eye shadows.

For whom highlighter?

In general, the highlighter is recommended for all women. Careful attention is recommended for those of you who suffer from: acne, widen pores, wrinkles, skin irritations and spider veins. The shimmering particles contained in the product can only emphasise the imperfections. What is more, people with very dry or oily skin should not use too much of a highlighter. It is because this cosmetic can make dry skin more visible and a face appears as its covered with oil.

How to apply a highlighter?

Apply highlighter to those parts of the face you want to pop out. There is this unspoken rule that highlighter should always be applied: on brow ridge, forehead, inner eye corners, top of the cheek bones, nose, Cupid’s bow and chin.

What are the highlighter types?

Highlighter can be divided into two groups depending on the shade and texture. In the first group are highlighters: gold (intended for warm skin undertones), silver (for cold skin undertones) and champagne or platinum (universal shades matching every skin tone). In the second group are highlighters: liquid (for the beginners; easy to apply and providing natural effect), powder (applied on the powder and foundation), stick (applied on foundation but before powder).

Do you use highlighters? What are your favourites?

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