How to correctly use eyeliner? My proven techniques


I don’t know a girl that would not have eyeliner in her cosmetic bag. This inconspicuous cosmetic can change your appearance and make you look entirely different. However, there’s a catch. You have to know how to use it. If you have not yet had the opportunity to perform make-up with this cosmetic, here I will tell you all about it. Enjoy!

Which cosmetic should you choose?

You can choose out of eyeliner in pen, cream or liquid. If you are not skilful in the use of eyeliner, practice with an eye pencil. Once you handle this difficult art, choose well pigmented and long-lasting cosmetic resistant to water, sweat and sebum. For eyeliner in gel or cream, you will need a brush. The applicator needs to be thin and angled; facilitates drawing lines.

Let’s begin…

Where to apply your make-up: in the toilet under the artificial light or by the window? It all depends on whether you spend the rest of day outside or in the rooms. It is important how you position your hand. For an application of eyeliner to not cause you any difficulties, place your elbow on the dressing table or windowsill and the hand against your cheek.

Before you proceed with the make-up, prepare your eyelids. With cotton pad with micellar liquid run through eyelids, apply eye shadow primer and eye shadows. If you already know what shape of the line suits your eyes and face shape, now go on with the line. Do it in one stroke, so that line would be perfectly straight and even. The beginners can ease the task by placing dots along the eyelashes root line and then connect them into line. Do you want your line to be thick and the tip rose upwards? Add feline flick. Thanks to this trick your eyes will be optically bigger and the look fresh.

Do you dislike the created line? Do not remove the entire line, just the piece that is crooked. Use cotton bud soaked with a make-up remover; this way you will get rid of only the eyeliner, eye shadows will be intact. At the end apply the mascara.

What are your techniques for the perfect cat’s eyes?

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