Sand on feet. How to make your time at the beach more pleasant

Holiday season is in the full swing so I assume that most of you is spending time on the beach, no matter if at the seaside, or whether it’s a city beach or a lake beach. Regardless of the place we spend our pleasant warm evenings in, the problem remains unchanged – this yellow sand clinging to our feet and legs which is really hard to remove!

I adore being on the beach but…

Spending free time near water is one of the best ways for getting relaxed. I love spending my summer evenings at my local lake. Indeed, lying on the beach has its advantages and is one of the most popular summer activities. (However, some people perceive beach as sunbathing only = no movement at all.)

Unfortunately, staying on the beach has its drawbacks like, for example, this wall-to-wall sand. It gets everywhere and even after a very short bathing in a lake (sea, swimming pool or any other place) it clings to feet, calves, tights and other body parts. And such a coating is really hard to get rid of without irritating your skin because flicking the sand can be compared to strong mechanical peeling, which we don’t always want to treat our skin with.

What’s the easiest way to cleanse your feet from sand?

There is an easy way (I’ve discovered recently 😉 ) to help your shoes remain sand-free. The next time you go to the beach, take talc or baby powder with you. Dusting your damp and coated with sand legs with talc facilitates removing the sand from your body in a flash. After leaving water, sit on a towel and dust the sandy feet with talc. Rub it into the skin. This makes the cosmetic absorb the moist. As a consequence, the sand will fall out on its own.

That’s not all folks since I’ve got a handful of other life hacks for you. I believe, you’ll find them useful.

Beach tricks – Extra

1. Put your mobile phone in a regular zip lock plastic bag to prevent the device against water, dust, sand and any other factors that may destroy it.
2. Instead of taking a towel with you, use a fitted bedsheet. If you place some heavy stuff on its corners (a backpack or a bag) and put the edges of the bedsheet upwards, your ‘nest’ will be sand-free.
3. Instead of using a bad smelling and very chemical insect repellent, coat your skin with a baby oil. Although it doesn’t keep the bugs away so well, it prevent them from biting.

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