How to get suntan faster? My tried and tested methods

Hello Girls!

Despite summer coming to its end, I’m sure you’ll still manage to make your skin a little bit more brown. How to do this? Just give a go to all the tricks that help skin get this olive-and-gold shade in the nick of time. Keep reading my newest entry so you will learn how to do this.

Eat carrots!

All the fruit and vegetables that are coloured either orange or red contain one very important substance for skin. I’m thinking here about beta-carotene, which is also known as pro-vitamin A. However, if you aren’t for juicy apricots or if you don’t like crunching on carrots, you can give a go to dietary supplements. Personally, I’d like to talk you into eating fresh vegetables and fruit but I understand that not everyone likes them. Anyway, due to systematic consumption of products containing beta-carotene, you’ll see the first effects in just two weeks. Your skin will turn darker, smoother and simply prettier. However, it’s not only the skin that will take advantage of such a diet. Vitamin A positively influences vision, hair and nails as well.

Apply peeling

Peeling removes dead epidermis cells which might impede sunbathing. Smooth skin will gain this looked-for gold-and-olive shade faster as well as the suntan will be even and long-lasting. However, remember not to use coarse grained products since they irritate skin often. Also, it’s not a wise idea to use cosmetics which you haven’t applied before and you aren’t sure how they can work when exposed to the sun.

Cosmetics accelerating gaining suntan

I’m thinking here about the products which deliver the effect of fake suntan but also the preparations that accelerate producing this very effect. Cocoa butter and other substances included in their compositions are responsible for entering a certain chemical reactions when exposed to UV radiation. This leads to skin getting brownish. You can apply such products to the body parts that are the last to get suntanned, for example legs. It’s said that such products serve everyone; even the super pale complexion owners can finally enjoy sun kissed skin.

Where do you get suntanned?

Unfortunately, getting suntanned on the balcony or in a park won’t produce such outstanding effects like sunbathing at the seaside or… on the slop of the mountain during winter holiday. Both water and snow bounce the sun rays which hit our skin in their doubled force afterwards. Therefore, it’s so important to apply UV filter creams even when you ski.

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