When Tom Ford Winks at You… Latest Collection – The Eyes of Tom Ford


Tom Ford – a world-famous designer – has launched his first collection exclusively for the eye makeup. The Eyes of Tom Ford features eyeshadows, mascaras, eye pencil and eye lacquer. What is the collection like and is it good value for money?

Tom Ford Collection

The Eyes of Tom Ford Collection houses as many as 30 eyeshadows, three mascaras, an eye pencil and an eye lacquer. The shades are natural, soft and nude. The eyeshadows give various finishing effects. Tom Ford offers, among others, beige, grey, brown, violet, blueish and greenish hues. The mascaras have a classic, black colour. The eye pencil is available in violet, brown, green, blue, black and white.

Tom Ford’s Eyeshadows

These small, handy products are encased in a mirrored packaging with an applicator. A powdery formula, rich pigments, both bold and subtle eye makeup. Tom Ford’s Collection offers eyeshadows with a matte, semi-matte, satin, metallic and shimmery finishing. Everyone’s going to find something suitable! Such a palette lets you create an elegant, sensual or party look. You can apply the eyeshadows dry or wet, no matter the brush type.

Tom Ford’s Mascaras

There are three of them and each one gives a different effect. Each mascara comes in a black colour which gives a nice eye definition. Spike Lash Mascara has a thin applicator with short bristles. The wand precisely coats all lashes, prevents clumps and gets to the corner eyelashes, too. Fullscreen Lash Mascara delivers a maximum extension. Different lengths of bristles ensure an amazing separation. Shutter Lash Mascara leaves lashes thicker and doubles their volume. Thanks to the thick bristle of the applicator, the eye makeup is easy whereas the effects are stunning.

Eye Pencil & Lacquer

Every girl knows eye pencils yet eye lacquers aren’t as popular. Eye Kohl Intense is soft, easy to apply and blend with eyeshadows. On the other hand, Tom Ford’s Eye Lacquer is clear, extremely shiny and non-sticky. It makes eyes look bigger and illuminates the skin of eyelids.

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