When to See a Dermatologist? Blemishes & Diseases You Might be Neglecting

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Did you know that a beautician can substitute for a doctor in some cases? I don’t mean the flu or catching a cold but various skin lesions and poorer state of hair. An aesthetician can also tell you if it is high time you visited a dermatologist. Which diseases, ailments and imperfections is a beautician able to spot?

A beautician is going to tell you the truth…

It happens very often that it is the beautician who discovers a skin disease that we would never show to a doctor or we would never dare to think it is something serious. Some skin lesions on our bodies are hidden and placed on the back, buttocks, neck, between fingers, on the temples and head. If an aesthetician notices something worrying on skin, she should inform a client about it and advise a doctor’s consultation. It is extremely important because some lesions may turn out to be malignant.

Which diseases is a beautician or hairdresser going to discover? Alopecia areata, albinism, melanoma, lymphoma are the examples. For us – ordinary mortals – a given skin lesion seems to be normal or it’s been on skin for a very long time and doesn’t give any alarming symptoms. It also happens that during the dermatologist’s appointment an autoimmune disease connected with the skin lesion is diagnosed. The sooner it happens, the higher the odds of curing.

Which skin lesions should draw your attention?

1. Melanocytic nevus

Skin is often affected by seborrhoeic warts which may imitate melanoma. If the lesion is dark brown, black, red or whitish, there’s a suspicion of a disease. Bleeding or uneven structure of the lesion, scabs may be the symptoms of melanoma as well. If you have seborrhoeic warts, give up on cryotherapy, CO2 laser or TCA acid peel. A dermatologist detects all lesions using a special device – dermatoscope. The examination is painless but it doesn’t give 100% certainty. Getting a biopsy and (if necessary) cutting the lesion out is a far better idea.

2. Erythema

Such lesions are harder than the skin surrounding them and last for a long time. Erythema is associated with various cancers. They give no symptoms such as itching or pain. Nevertheless, the lesion must be diagnosed properly. If the diagnosis is wrong and the lesion is cut out, the disease may recur, even under the scar.

3. Lumps

Most lumps are benign whereas others which grow quickly, hurt and have a different color than skin need an immediate doctor’s consultation. Dermatoscopy and USG are examinations which may help diagnose a disease. Lots of skin cancers occur in form of lumps having various structure, infiltrating tumor, metastatis.

Remember! Don’t be afraid, get diagnosed and give yourself a chance for cure. 

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