What can you do when your hair falls out? My tried and tested methods

Hi, girls!

You shouldn’t be worried by individual hairs on a brush or carpet. But what can you do if you notice much more hairs after brushing or washing? At first, you can try out my methods for strengthening the hairdo. Just remember: home hair care won’t replace products prescribed by the doctor.

Normal quantity of falling out hair

Although some of you don’t think that falling out hair is something normal, you must accept the fact that we lose more or less 100 hairs a day. What’s more, you don’t have to worry when you lose around 5 hairs while washing or 10 hairs on days between washes. Old hairs fall out so new ones can take their place. How can you strengthen your hair so that it doesn’t fall out at all during washing or brushing? Just like me, you can use a moisturising conditioner. How do I use it? Before washing, I thoroughly comb my hair to get rid of weak hair. Next, I wash my hair with a mild shampoo and wash it off with warm water. I divide hair into small sections and apply the conditioner. After about 15 minutes, I wash it off with tepid water.

Do you lose more hair?

If you notice a lot of hair on the floor or in the bathtub after washing or combing, you can be worried. Losing more than 20 hairs tells you there’s something wrong with your body and health. The cause may be regular heat styling, hair coloring or improper hair products. What can you do to reduce hair thinning? For at least a month, use a strengthening conditioner and a leave-in moisturising product. Style your hairdo using a hair oil or cosmetic butter.

Uncontrolled hair loss!

If your hair brittles and falls out in handfuls while brushing and washing, It’s a serious signal and you should see the doctor. Use moisturising and conditioning products for more or less two months. Trimming hair and giving up heat styling and coloring can turn out to be the only solution. The hairdresser will cut down weak parts of your hair and do a strengthening treatment. The way you take care of your new hairdo is very important.

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