Treat yourself like a star! Use Hollywood Lips from Charlotte Tilbury


For the past months, matte lipsticks have been incredibly popular! All celebrities, actresses, Hollywood stars wear them! If you wish to feel like one of them, simply use a liquid lipstick Hollywood Lips from Charlotte Tilbury.

Colour and care in one?

Hollywood Lips lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury gives a nice colour to your lips and makes them look young and beautiful. The cosmetic has a creamy formula, thanks to which it is easy to apply and creates the second skin on the lip surface. The liquid lipstick lasts on the lips for long hours and at the same time, conditions it and helps create natural makeup. Thanks to the content of natural substances, the product maintains the skin’s lip condition at the highest level. You can choose from several shades that give a matte effect. These include: roses falling into beige, juicy red, warm pink, coral and peach.

How to apply Hollywood Lips liquid lipstick?

Start by outlining the shape of your lips with a pencil which colour matches the lipstick. Remember that the lines should not go beyond the lips because this could result in leaving a comic effect. If you want, you can smudge the pencil a bit (within the lips contour, not above!). Next, paint your lips with the Hollywood Lips lipstick. Its applicator has been designed to touch the lips with its entire surface which ensures a more precise effect. For full lip coverage, you will need one layer of the product. However, if you wish to obtain more intense look, go ahead and apply another layer – always make sure to apply more thin layers and one thicker.

What does the liquid lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury contain?

Hollywood Lips by Charlotte Tilbury comprises beeswax, a vitamin E derivative and sea lavender extract. Thanks to these ingredients, the lip skin will become smooth, moisturized and nourished. Drying, cracking or irritation will no longer be a threat to your lips.

New liquid lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury are waiting for you to try them out! 

Do you have your go-to lip products? Let me know in the comments down below!

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