Traveller’s beauty tricks. Recipes for fast and easy face masks

Each of us want to look pretty and fell feminine. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that we don’t have near us the products we usually use to take care of our skin and hair. Really, don’t we? Nonsense! We are surrounded by the various substances that can boost our beauty, we just have to look for them in other places (for example, a kitchen or a market). Here are the recipes for face masks and peelings which will not only protect your skin against damages but also help you stay away from looking like a wrinkled, dried-out and sunburned raisin.

Avocado and banana in yoghurt – Smooths skin and strengthens hair

All you have to do is squash an avocado and a banana, and mix them with yoghurt. Then, you have to apply the product either to the face or the hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. The mask works as a hair and skin beautifying shoot.

Lemon and cucumber – Highlights skin and maintains acid–base homeostasis

If you happen to be in those parts of the world where a fresh, green cucumber is easy-accessible, I recommend you a face mask which doesn’t only balance pH level of skin but also protects it against excessive pigmentation. Also, this face masks will highlight the complexion gifting it with shine and freshness.

Take a cucumber and grain it using fine eyes. Add a tea spoon of lemon juice and apply it to the face. It’s worth putting two slices of a cucumber onto your eyes so as to highlight the dark circles under the eyes of an exhausted traveller 😉 Rinse the mask after 20 minutes using warm water.

Coconut oil and sugar – Smooth and lovely smelling skin

Natural peeling will serve almost all body parts, yet especially face, feet, hands, elbows and knees that happened to be exposed to the sun for a little too long. If you are afraid that the skin starts keratinizing because of the sun, dust and wind – this peeling will save you from having hippo-ish skin.

All you have to do is mixing a spoon of lemon juice, a half of a glass of cane sugar and 4 spoons of coconut oil. Remember that you have to make your skin a little bit moistened before applying the peeling. Massage the mixture onto your body until the grains of sugar disappear. Rinse after that. Voila! Welcome smooth legs and other!

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