Toner, Floral Water, Essence. How Do They Differ? How To Use Them Correctly?


Surely you must have already heard or read about the importance of toning your skin. This treatment restores your skin’s pH level, moisturizes, relieves irritations and soothes dry and parched skin. This is all true.

But skincare products having these effects on skin are at least a few – face toners, facial essences and even home herbal infusions. With so many products, which one should you choose to get the dream results?

And this is exactly what you’re going to find out after reading this post!

Skin Toning – Advantages

Each one of us is familiar with this nasty feeling of tight and dry skin that appears immediately after washing the face. If you don’t apply face cream, it may get really nasty. What is the cause of this weird skin reaction? It’s because cleansers disturb natural skin’s pH levels. The only solution is a face toner.

Toning of your skin after every cleansing:

  • restores your skin’s pH level, which is slightly acidic.
  • maintains the adequate hydration levels in skin.
  • supplies skin with essential nutrients.
  • brings relief and soothes possible irritation.
  • prevents redness.

Skincare Products Used for Skin Toning

Three most common skincare products that I’d recommend to you are:

  • FACE TONER – this is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used skincare products because it’s easy-accessible and is available in many versions e.g. with panthenol, E vitamin or aloe; it’s a ready-made product that is often formulated with floral water, but in most cases it also contains a whole bunch of nutrients.
  • FLORAL WATER – this is water considered as a side product obtained in the essential oil extraction process; you can use it as a replacement for a regular face toner, especially if you manage to find the one that matches your skin needs, e.g. rose water goes with mature and sensitive skin, lime blossom oil goes with atopic and couperose skin, and witch-hazel water goes with acne-prone and oily skin.
  • FACIAL ESSENCE – this product comes to us from Asia and is something between a face toner and face serum; in traditional Asian skincare ritual a facial essence is used right after a face toner and prior to a face serum, but as far as I know we consider facial essence as an alternative to the former, using it for providing skin with a deep clean and soothe irritations.

Application of Face Toners, Floral Waters and Facial Essences

All of the skincare products have to be applied in the exact same way. They constitute the last step of multi-stage face cleansing. They are also the last step that should be taken on the way to get flawless and youthful-looking skin. They’re totally worth using on a daily basis!

They are destined to be applied to the face after washing it either with oil or gel, as the products that prepare skin for absorbing nutrients from serum, cream or mask that you’re about to apply next.

How to apply a toner to face? I do it with a cotton pad, which is a pretty standard way of doing so. However, to be more eco-friendly and cut on generating waste, I use the reusable cotton pads. I soak one with floral water, face toner or facial essence (I use the latter the most rarely), wipe my face with it and wait a short while to let the skin absorb the product fully. Later I move on to my standard skincare treatment because my skin is perfectly ready for it.

Let me know which of the skincare products you use!

Or perhaps you skip the toning of skin?

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