Tangled hair – Do you know that you were combing them the wrong way?

Combing hair that is long and loves to tangle is a true nightmare. Unfortunately, fate has gifted me with said hair which I treat more like an unwanted present that I try to take control over. I tested hundreds of solutions, more or less unusual, but the discovery of the last week left me speechless. What am I talking about?

Today I’m going to tell you about how you should correctly comb your hair without pulling, i.e. nice and easy and no damage! 🙂

As it usually happens in a situation like this, the secret to the correct hair combing was revealed by Sam Villa, the creative director for Redken. On his YouTube channel named “Sam Villa Hair Tutorials”, I came across a very interesting video where he speaks about the hair stylists’ trick which solved my tangled hair problem and difficulty with combing. If it is not the subject you are interested with, go to Sam’s channel where you can find the fascinating videos, for example, about creating an effective tie. Everyone will find something for themselves.

Prior to proceeding with the combing…

… you have to necessarily take care of your hair so that it was soft and smooth. Proper cosmetics, oils and conditioners are the bases and all in all I feel silly to repeat myself. You remember about it, don’t you? 🙂 Well nourished and hydrated hair tangles less and is less brittle and does not create an impossible to comb out tangles. After you wash hair you can of course rub in your favourite oil (natural oil or in a ready cosmetic) for facilitated combing.

How to comb out tangled hair?

Sam Villa puts a lot of stress on the fact that it is a matter of skill and use of a correct method. Even extremely tangled hair can be combed out with a random brush and you do not need any specialistic accessories. Here’s how to do it step by step:

1. Prepare your favourite hair brush.
2. Hold it collaterally, not perpendicularly against your hair.
3. Run hair along the longer edge, not the short one.
4. Try to comb hair out with just the tip of the brush.

Now a brief explanation. First, an important matter is how the bristle in the hair brush is positioned. The rows that are placed along the grip usually have even spaces, however, the bristle across is more mixed. This is why it is easier to run hair along the brush. Second, by combing with only 2-3 rows of the bristle on the tip of the hair brush, you do not have to run it through the entire length and is not blocked between hair and is easier to comb.

Simple, right?

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