Surprising facts concerning freckles. Do you know them all?

Hello Girls,

No, they don’t blemish your face; they add charm. There is no need in camouflaging them under thick layers of make-up. In fact, it’s the other way round: you should bring them out and enjoy them. Certainly, the most preferable are the natural ones. However, girls who don’t have them by nature draw them, get them tattooed (sic!) or attach glitter dots. And this is the power of… freckles. Have you already learnt all the fun facts concerning freckles?

Do you know that nobody is born with freckles? There are no freckled new-borns, or at least nobody has ever seen one. The truth is, freckles appear as a consequence of exposing skin to the sun. Therefore, if you don’t use appropriate sun protection, surely your skin will soon feature dark dots. Nevertheless, keep in mind that some freckles can transform into cancer. For that reason, it is so important to run check-ups of all skin lesions regularly.

Freckles are inherited. If your parents and siblings have these brown spots, it’s highly possible that you will get these as well. In short, there is one gene responsible for gifting our hair and skin with a particular colour. Moreover, it influences production of dark brown and red-and-yellow melanin. If this gene is active, our hair is fair and face features freckles.

Not every redhead has freckles. But, on the other hand, almost 80% of ginger-haired people feature freckles. What’s about the remaining 20%? The fact whether they have dots on their faces depends on the genes. Red hair is determined by a recessive gene whereas freckles are determined by dominant genes. Off the record, how do you tell whether a ginger-haired guy you’ve met recently didn’t dye his hair red?

We distinguish two types of genes. The first one is fair brown spots. Their look changes accordingly to the season: they are brighter during the winter, but in the summer they become more visible. They can remain clear to see up to a few weeks due to being exposed to the heavy sun. The second kind of freckles are age spots, which tend to appear with the passing time. Their development depends on melanin cells.

They provide information how your skin is sensitive to skin. Most people have melanin produced evenly. If this process isn’t carried out in a right way, melanin accumulates in one place only, creating freckles. Plenty of discolorations and dots indicate skin’s high susceptibility to influence of the sun.

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