Sunscreens. Which ones are the best?

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Although the summer is almost over, it’s worth using sun protection all year long. Find out which creams will suit your body best and how to tell the effective product apart from these not so good apart? Enjoy the reading.

Do sunscreens cause skin cancer?

It’s said that they can contribute to cancer development due to one vitamin A derivative – Retinyl Palmitate. As it turns out, the substance is photo-cancerogenous. This means that when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, it can encourage tumour and lesion growth. It’s believed that 41% of all creams containing UV filters feature this vitamin A derivative. Now, take your sunscreen and read the list of ingredients. Did you find Retinyl Palmitate? If yes, throw the cosmetic away and replace it with a more natural one.

Which UV filter is the best?

If you bought sunscreen with SPF 50+ inscription on it then there is no use in fooling yourself any longer. It’s not the level of the factor that determines how strong is the protection, but the kind of the filter used. OK, probably this cream SPF 50+ will shield your skin against sunburns, but not against UVA radiation. Therefore, before you buy a cosmetic featuring a filter, pay attention to the markings. In short, an effective product should protect against both UVA and UVB radiations as well as (optionally) UVC and IR radiation.

Chemical vs. mineral filters

Cosmetic market offers creams featuring either chemical or mineral (physical) filters. As it is not hard to guess, the safe form of skin sun protection is applying the cosmetics featuring mineral filters. Such products don’t cause allergies, don’t get into bloodstream and provide effective UVA protection. Chemical filters, in turn, can trigger allergic reactions, influence hormones and reach bloodstream in galore.

Other methods of sun protection

As it turns out, you don’t have to apply any sunscreens at all. Basically, all you need is putting on right clothing, remain in a shadow, wear sunglasses and put screens in your windows. If you are going to take a stroll or make a little trip, don’t forget to put on a floppy-brimmed hat, a good quality sunglasses with filters and big shades. It’s also a good idea to install special foils protecting against UV radiation in your home and car windows.

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