Skin in Air-Con Rooms – How I Care for My Complexion in 5 Easy Steps

My skin has no easy life: dry air because of heaters in winter, overdried air wherever possible, air-con in the car, air-con is the shopping mall, air-con at work. Sudden changes in temperature – cold to warm, warm to cold. It must be killing the skin off… and it does. The skin feels tight, irritated, dry, red. It flakes off and burns.

I am sure that at least half of you goes through the same things every day. Most women complain about dry skin. Despite efforts, we see our skin ages more and more… and even more. Disaster.

We must not give in but keep fighting with the bad influence of air-conditioning on the skin – not to allow for dehydration. Here is the list of things that have become my daily skin care routine:

  1. I moisturise the skin by drinking a lot of mineral water and using the right cosmetics. Remember that even oily or combination skin needs hydration. My top list includes moisturisers, masks rich in glycols and hyaluronic acid.
  2. I lubricate the skin. Especially in winter when the weather is truly unfavorable whereas home heaters do not give the skin a break. A rich cream helps me when I go skiing – protects from extreme conditions.
  3. I apply a suitable make-up primer. It does not only extend make-up durability. The primer protects and conditions the skin. Depending on your skin type, you can choose between different primers e.g. mattifying and moisturising, illuminating, for the vascular skin. In summer, many women use only a primer or BB/CC cream. In this way, they avoid the cosmetic overload so the skin can breathe.
  4. Thermal water and hydrolate are amazing inventions. I always have a small atomiser bottle with a precious rose or camomile hydrolate on me. Such products deliver immediate moisture, increase skin elasticity, firm up and refresh.
  5. I moisturise the eyes. I spend long hours in front of a computer monitor and wear contact lenses. I always have delicate eye drops on me to keep eyes from drying and irritation. I never forget about a lip balm that makes sure my lips are moisturised and protected. 
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