Rollers you can sleep with? Goodbye sleepless nights, hello great hair!!!

Hello Wonder Women 😉

Today, I’m going to tell you about my latest fascination and, I can even say, enthrallment that doesn’t want to fade away and probably it will be long before something new hits me so hard. I’m talking about marvellous, wonderful and one-of-the-kind rollers called Sleep-In Rollers.

I’m afraid that my today’s entry will be flooded with words of admiration and synonyms, but it’s hard for me to make it entirely matter-of-factly. Sleep-In Rollers equals a dream that came true. It was the dream of all the women of my mum’s generation. Even our grandmas remember well their irritated scalp and sleepless nights that they had because of wearing these hard rollers. Nothing but a nightmare! Fortunately, today is not the same because we have these miraculous Sleep-In Rollers – the super soft rollers which are covered with a layer of tiny grips that facilitate catching and rolling the strands. Inside, these are filled with a cylinder-shaped sponge that doesn’t only cushion the entre roller but also takes care of our curls to make them look pretty. The rollers came to me beautifully packed with an elegant, pink bag which looks really appealing. This bag protects the rollers against damage and losing. The bag features the inscription: ‘Goodbye sleepless nights, hello great hair!!!’ that I’ve already mentioned in the title of this post. The set consists of 20 rollers and goes with a gift which is a special, pink cap that accelerates hair drying time. When my friend saw me once with this pink cap on, she was laughing so hard that I couldn’t calm her down. This item has a long sleeve which has to be matched with a blow-dryer to make hair dry in a super short period of time. I have to tell you that before I decided to buy the rollers, I had been watching many tutorials connected with them and it was the cap that made me want to buy the entire set. The girls from the clips just put the cap’s sleeve onto the blow-dryer and then they put the working device on the shelf. So when their hair was getting dry, they were applying the make-up. Both activities at the same time! Wonderful thing! I tried out this technique myself. My blow-dryer also managed to work with the cap. It doesn’t overheat and my hair needs approximately a quarter of an hour to get dry.

Naturally, you don’t have to use a blow-dryer to curl your hair. Just roll the hair and go to sleep since it is completely painless! The longer the hair, the better the effect. Good luck!

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