Perfume & Sunscreen – The Odd Couple

Are you going for vacation soon? I’ve already returned from mine because, this year, I scheduled the journey earlier than I normally do. During my serene moments of laziness at the beach I observed one, very important thing and I want to share it with you. Maybe you’ll make a good use of it because you haven’t go for holiday yet. Therefore, this entry was written in a hurry. Please accept my apologies for that 😉

What’s the most frequently mistake made at applying a sunscreen?

I didn’t know about it either, but it occurred to me by accident. Mismatched factor? Insufficient quantity or too much of the product applied? Out-of-date? Undoubtedly, all of these factors have a massive impact on the action a sunscreen delivers therefore, it’s important to use UV filters wisely. However, I’m positive that none of you have ever thought about the issue I’m about to discuss below.

Has it ever happened to you that you got your skin sunburned despite wearing a sunscreen?

This happened to me on this year’s vacation that I spent at the seaside. One day I had to go to the local shop so I applied a sunscreen before leaving the apartment. I put on a dress and went out. Unfortunately, soon after returning home from this really pleasant walk (the weather wasn’t that hot) my cleavage skin area became reddened and coated with painful blisters. Just exactly on this very spot, nowhere else, which was double as weird for me. What had I done wrong? Finally, I understood it in the evening, when I managed to analyse what had happened.

Well, right after applying a sunscreen, just before leaving the apartment, I used… PERFUMES!

Do perfumes weaken action of a sunscreen?

I asked a dermatologist for advice. I went for a visit already on the next day to seek for something that would soothe my piercing skin problem. The blisters didn’t want to disappear and kept breaking out. It turned out that the perfumes completely distorted the action delivered by the sunscreen! To put it differently, perfumes deactivate sunscreens. Moreover, they were the main cause of the sunburns I suffered. It wasn’t the fault of the sun entirely, but the substances the perfumes were made from.

Again, perfume and sunscreen is an odd couple. Additionally, the first one contains substances that may trigger phototoxic reactions while being in contact with the sun rays. Among these substances are bergamot essential oils, cedar, lavender, vanilla, musk and sandal wood, to name just a few.

How to use perfumes during the summer?

Since that very unpleasant moment I’ve been replacing perfumes with aromatic mists. They are safer for the sensitive skin which during summer is already exposed to additional danger. Nevertheless, if we need more intensive fragrance, for example for a date, go ahead and apply perfumes, yet to the certain places only. I use perfumes to writs, the place where arms bend and behind the ear lobes. There the skin is thinner and more wet which helps the fragrance hold longer. Additionally, we don’t expose these skin parts to the sun as much as we do with our cleavage or neck.

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