New Remedy for Wrinkles! Astaxanthin. Will It Prove Effective?

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There’s a lot going on in the anti-ageing skincare world. Creams, face lift, botox, face yoga and many other odd things are the hot staff on beauty blogs. Astaxanthin is one of them. What is it?

Astaxanthin – Elixir of Youth

It’s a red pigment produced by sea organisms – algae, aquatic fungi and bacteria. These small animalcules are the feed for salmon that has characteristic light pink colour. Astaxanthin can be eaten with seafood and fish or as diet supplements. What are its properties?

What Are Astaxanthin Skin Benefits?

With the passing time, the level of collagen decreases. Wrinkles and pigmentation spots appear whereas the skin gets limp and loses density. If you regularly eat astaxanthin, the skin ageing process won’t be as intense. Your skin will get back its firmness, moisture and smoothness. The red pigment will also reduce the concentration of melanin (its high level is responsible for the occurrence of age and post-sun spots. Astaxanthin soothes puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes. It eases off inflammation, helps treat acne and controls sebum glands.

What Vitamins Are Worth Including in the Astaxanthin Treatment?

Vitamins A, C and E will enhance the looks and condition of your skin. For example, vitamin A boosts epidermis repair, speeds up exfoliation of dead skin cells, brightens pigmentation spots and purifies skin pores. Eat carrots, spinach and red pepper to enjoy smooth and clean facial skin. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, smooths wrinkles and delays skin ageing. You’ll find it in currants, cabbage, potatoes, lemon and cauliflower. Vitamin E keeps your skin young-looking and properly hydrated. Eat apricots, carrots, kale and parsley to amaze with young and amazing looks.

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