Natural vs synthetic. Which make-up brushes I use?

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How do I perform the perfect make-up? Simple: I use high-quality brushes. Thanks to those I apply foundation, blend eye shadows and contour my face. I have no favourite accessories set; I also do not have the favourite among natural and synthetic brushes. I choose those that facilitate my make-up.

Which is better: natural or synthetic?

There is a basic division for brushes accordingly to the bristle type. Natural brushes are made with Fisher, horse, weasel, goat or even camel fur. These are recommended for professional make-up and the quality is of the highest. However, synthetic brushes are made with nylon or polyester bristle. Thanks to proper processes during production, the bristle is soft and elastic.

Which brush is the best? To be true there is no specific answer. You have to take into consideration skin type, cosmetic texture, storage conditions and washing methods. You have to know that both natural and synthetic brushes can cause irritations. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from atopic eczema, you should pay more attention to the accessories choice. Remember that brushes require a regular wash and proper drying. To wash brushes with natural bristle use shampoo and… conditioner. Thanks to them bristle will be soft, elastic and delicate. Synthetic brushes should be sprayed with disinfecting liquid from time to time.

Make-up brushes division

Make-up artists divide make-up brushes into two basic groups. First of them is intended for loose, pressed and liquid cosmetics. However, the second group combines accessories for various make-up products, like, eye shadows, powder, lipstick. For the make-up, you need also sponges for foundation and brushes for eyelashes and eyebrows.

What is the difference between make-up brushes? The brushes for face make-up are big and soft with an exception in form of two brushes for foundation application. One of them is flat and small, so it thoroughly spreads product by the nose and lips. The bristle of the other brush has a flat top; it allows you to tap in the foundation. However, brushes for eyes and lips are small. Flat and pointy brushes will make every make-up easier.

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