My ways of dealing with dry elbows and knees

Elbows and knees are the skin areas that are highly exposed to scrapes and frostbites. Skin covering the very body parts is fast to exfoliate and chap, which doesn’t only look really bad but also it itches and is painful. How to deal with this when a moisturising cream fails to help? What are dark knees? Is your elbow and knee skin dry but you don’t know its cause? Which treatments do I recommend to deal with dry elbows and knees? How to wash yourself without making skin dehydrated? In a moment I’ll dispel your doubts and share with you my ways of dealing with dry elbows and knees caps. I’ll also give you recipes for homemade cosmetics combating this ailment.

What are dark knees?

The effect of dark knees or dark elbows is a term given to a darker skin area of the very body parts that are frequently chapped and considerably dehydrated. Sadly, the dark knees can’t be cleaned because they aren’t dirty – they just look as if they were dirty. It’s said that dark knees and elbows can be prevented through intensive moisturisation.

Dry knee and elbow skin – Causes

  • Genetic predispositions
    Dry elbow and knee skin can be genetic. If this is your case, bear in mind that elbows and knees are fast to be frostbitten, therefore do your best to protect them every time when the temperature drops down below zero degrees Celsius. Wear tights underneath trousers, and put on long-sleeve under sweaters. Indeed, it might seem a little but funny to you but such banal solutions might limit skin exfoliation even up to 50% – under the principle that frost is the greatest enemy of moisturisation.
  • Cosmetics and detergents
    Another cause of dry elbow and knee skin can be the use of cosmetics and detergents that tend to irritate your skin. For a month try to use natural soap, avoid being in contact with detergents, and wash your clothes in baby washing powder. Sometimes, even fragrances added to perfumes or air fresheners can cause allergic reactions. In this situation, dry elbow and knee skin might be one of the allergy symptoms. Additionally, limit or completely resign from visiting chlorinated swimming pools.
  • Disease
    If this skin problem is reluctant to vanish despite you following the above-mentioned pieces of advice, you should see a dermatologist or GP. What for? Because you have to check whether dry elbow and knee skin isn’t the symptom of something serious like eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, hypothyroidism, diabetes, adrenal insufficiency or hepatitis C (HCV).
  • Poor diet
    Diet is another factor that can take the blame for your elbow and knee skin poor condition. In order to verify this, try to write down everything that you eat and drink throughout a week. If you consume less than a litre of liquids per day (note: coffee and alcohol don’t count), your body might be dehydrated. Moreover, your daily menu should include food products rich in unsaturated fats like for example: avocado, salmon, mackerel, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, lentils, olive oil, sunflower oil and linseed (try to consume one of these products a day). As you can see for yourself, the complete exclusion of fats doesn’t always do us good.

Dry elbows and knees – Treatments

  • Paraffin wax treatment – is short and can be undergone in a beauty parlour. It’s carried out with the use of warm paraffin wax compress that is applied to feet and hands.
  • SPA Skin moisturising treatment – there are plenty of them. Just scan offers of beauty parlours for skin moisturising and lubricating treatments.
  • Phototherapy – UV light therapy for skin is used mainly to treat psoriasis. Undergoing such procedure should be consulted with a specialist.

In some cases cosmetics designed for deep skin lubricating and smoothing do the work. Such preparations contain, among others: urea, petrolatum, paraffin, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, glycerin, lanolin, lactic acid and vegetable oils.

How to wash our bodies without leaving skin dehydrated?

Basically, choosing the right body cleaning products should suffice. Avoid beauty bars and synthetic soaps that feature detergents as well as regular shower gels and bubble baths. Try to replace them with natural soaps with a high natural oils content. It’s also a good idea to add linseed and olive oil to your bathwater, and right after leaving the tube – moisturise your skin with a hypoallergic, rich body balm, shea butter or coconut oil. And the last thing, don’t stay in a bath for too long!

Recipes for homemade cosmetics to take care of elbows and knees

Banana mask recipe

If you want to prepare it, blend a half of banana with 2 spoons of fat cream. Apply the mixture to the dry skin areas and wrap it with gauze. Take the dressing off after 20 minutes.

Linseed mask recipe

To give a try to this method, bring flax seed to boil. When the pap cools down, apply it to the dry skin areas and leave it there for 15 minutes.

Recipe for lightening skin up

Cut a lemon in a half and apply to elbows and then to knee caps. Keep it there for approximately 10 minutes. In this way you will light up and moisturise skin due to natural vitamin C. Mind you, vitamin C can’t be applied to chapped skin!

Honey mask recipe

Combine a spoon of honey with a spoon of Greek yoghurt and a half of avocado. When the mass is ready, apply it to your knees and elbows. Let it sit for approximately 20 minutes.

What are your methods of dealing with dry elbows and knees? Do you know any good recipes for homemade cosmetics to condition elbows and knees? I’m waiting for your ideas!

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