My everyday make-up. How do I do it and what cosmetics I use?

On the daily basis, I prefer natural and subtle make-up. It is opposite to the special occasions and my everyday make-up is ruled by the minimalism. I usually apply the same cosmetics day by day and I do it always the same way because it allows me to save some time. I execute every next step in the make-up routinely because I know that effect is great each time.

How does my everyday make-up look like step by step?

The time needed: 15 minutes


To maintain even skin complexion I use BB Skin79 Hot Pink Super+. Its formula is perfectly suited for my skin and provides an ideally even skin colour with medium coverage. I apply this cream in spots all over the face, then I blend it with a Beauty Blender with a gentle tapping motion. The heavy foundations I save for the nights out.

If there are any imperfections I use trustworthy Kryolan Concealer Circle. It is quite a pricey cosmetic, but its action is incredible. It camouflages even the worst redness, acne, dark circles, etc. I got these rarely, so I use this cosmetic only on few occasions.


On the day to day basis, I do not pay this much attention to face contouring because my face has pretty nice shape. If I decide on face contouring in everyday make-up, then I use 2in1 products, i.e. NYX Wonder Stick. On one side you have bronzer and on the other highlighter. Both products should be applied in four strokes (highlighter and bronzer on left, then on right side of the face), then blended with a sponge. This way I can achieve expressive cheek bones and slim face effect pretty fast.


On the daily basis, I love all shades of brown. To create gentle eye make-up I always use Makeup Revolution Redemption Essential Shimmers that holds all my favourite nudes, beige, brown and copper in matte, pearl and brocade version. Obviously, as an eye shadow base, I use BB cream that for every make-up I spread also on the eyelids. For eye shadows, I use Hakuro H80 brush. If I’m short on time, I use only the dark brown on the outer eye corners and spread it along the crease. If I want to highlight the look, then in the inner eye corner I apply some light beige or tap in brocade eye shadow in the middle of the eyelid. Usually, for the everyday make-up, I see no need for the eyeliner, but I cannot leave without my lashes done. I use L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture, which perfectly separates my lashes, makes them optically dense and longer. It is deep black, just as I like it.


For the everyday make-up, I do not use any lipsticks or lip glosses. If I’m in the mood, I use Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick in shade number 03 or 37, i.e. more subtle ones that do not require the lip liner. If I do not want to apply any lip make-up, I just take EOS Lip Balm Summer Fruit with me — it is my favourite lately.

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