Mistakes in hair care – what made to my blacklist?

I am perfectly aware of the fact that this topic has already been discussed several times on various blogs, vlogs, etc. Yet, I still get the feeling that the list is just incomplete, in most cases. I was surprised to see that so many people still do not know what harms their hair. Therefore, I decided to gather all bad hair care habits in a separate entry and exhaust the subject once and for all. 🙂 What are the most common mistakes in hair care? Which of them we have no idea of? Let’s see whether you take care of your hair the right way?

Mistakes in hair care 

1. Washing the hair in hot water 

Warm water does not do any good to our hair – not only that it opens the scales of hair, which loses moisture and all nutrients that should penetrate into the interior, it also weakens the blood circulation in the scalp, and hair follicles. Washing hair in hot water can be a direct cause of an increased loss and hair growth inhibition.

2. Washing the hair too frequently 

Of course, the hair should be washed when it is needed – sometimes even every day. However, there are people who wash their hair even when they do not need it. Meanwhile, the scalp should have enough time to regain balance and create an adequate amount of sebum protecting it – thanks to this we will avoid scalp irritation. With an extremely dry or sensitive scalp, everyday washing is not a good idea.

3. Washing the hair too rarely

Hair that suffers from sebum overproduction should be washed a little more often. It is a mistake to believe that if fe keep the hair that is “greasy” a little longer, will be healthier. This is a strange and quite illogical myth, promoted by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. In fact, hair that is excessively oily becomes heavy.  All the sebum, pollution and toxins from the environment accumulate on the hair and scalp. In addition, hair roots can get out of the hair sheath more easily, so they start to fall out in excess and are not as firmly rooted in the follicles as before. In other words – both too frequent and too rare hair washing does not work in our favor. Observe your hair carefully and wash it whenever you need it.

4. Inappropriate hair care products 

This is one of the factors that can make the life of your hair unpleasant. We are often driven by advertising, slogans heard on television or the opinion of a friend who bought a “the greatest conditioner ever”. Remember that each of us has different hair type and thus, requires varied hair care.

Instead of watching a TV ad – analyze the composition of the cosmetics you intend to purchase. See if the products contain safe ingredients, i.e. they are free of silicones, parabens, comedogenic substances, heavy drying alcohols, and petroleum derivatives. The more natural ingredients the cosmetic has – the better for your hair and scalp.

5. Tugging the hair 

I must admit: I often tugged my hair after washing when I was running late for work, on a date or anywhere. Pulling the hair with a brush causes significant mechanical damage and weakens the bulbs. The best thing you can do is to buy a simple wooden wide-tooth comb and comb your hair starting from the bottom, moving up towards the higher parts. Avoid tugging and tangling your strands. After each washing of my hair, I also apply a few drops of natural oil – thanks to this my hair does not tangle as much as before.

6. To vigorous towel-drying 

Just like tugging the hair with a brush – also rubbing the hair and scalp with a towel has a detrimental effect on its appearance and structure. Hair weakens and starts to fall out. Remember that moist hair is much more susceptible to breakage and any mechanical damage, so wipe your hair – do not rub it, but just gently squeeze excess water in the towel.

7. Too high temperature of the blow-dryer 

The optimal temperature for blow-drying the hair is about 40 degrees. Higher – it’s a death for your hair. At high temperatures, water escapes from the inside of the hair, and the strands dry out in the blink of an eye. As for the light – it also loses radiance and soon becomes dull and stiff – lack of hydration equals the lack of elasticity. Remember this and always try to set the right temperature of your dryer.  It is a good idea to finish blow-drying your hair with a cool breeze that closes the hair scales and makes styling easier.

8. Too frequent use of a straightening iron 

If the blow-dryer was a total evil for the hair, the straightener is almost immediate destruction. The temperature of hot plates is about 200 degrees! At this temperature, the hair just burns, and the sulphide bonds inside – break forever! Therefore, remember to use the straightener only on very … very special occasions. If you dream of having straight hair – go for the keratin straightening treatment instead of straightening it with a straightener on a daily basis.

9. Overusing styling products

Hair sprays, gels, modeling pastes or lotions that enhance the curls … they all help us to make the desired hairstyle but remember that apart from taming your hair – they also damage it. These types of products abound in drying alcohols and heavy comedogenic silicones, which settle on the hair and contribute to its rapid destruction. Styling cosmetics are better used occasionally. As for the everyday styling, a much better solution is to go for the help of hair oils to smooth out the strands or enhance curls. They not only tame unruly strands but also protect against damage and make the hair shine beautifully.

10. Inappropriate diet and lack of sufficient supplementation 

The golden rule says that the hair should be nourished both from the outside and from the inside. Therefore, if your hair becomes weakened and dull or falls out, e.g. due to change of seasons (it is called “seasonal hair loss”), it means that it lacks vitamins and microelements. You can buy the right supplements in the pharmacy or reach for herbal infusions – after a month of drinking the infusion of nettle and horsetail, your hair will regain its former vigor. Many bloggers and vloggers also recommend drinking yeast to nourish the strands and stimulate them to grow. Personally, I have not tried such a yeast mixture, but the infusions of nettle can be boldly recommended – it worked wonders for my hair.

11. Applying a conditioner to the scalp 

This is a surprisingly common and widespread mistake in terms of hair care – many girls in their overzealousness simply apply a conditioner not only to the hair, but also to the scalp. Effect? Overloaded, quickly greasy hair, dandruff, and scalp irritation. Hair conditioner contains ingredients that should not touch the scalp. If you want the hair conditioner to give maximum effect – apply it only to the hair, about ¾ of its length, that is from the ear level towards the ends. Also, remember to rinse your hair thoroughly.

12. Falling asleep with wet hair 

As I have already mentioned before, wet hair is easier to damage because it is more susceptible to any injuries. If you fall asleep with damp hair – it will be rubbing against the pillow throughout the entire night – thereby weakening the outer structure, while the strands deform and break. You probably know it from the autopsy: in the morning, the hairstyle looks like hay. It is much better to devote a few minutes in the evening and gently dry it, than to find such an extreme after getting out of bed in the morning.

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