Make-up and face shape. Let’s learn face contouring

Hi, Girls!

Is right make-up choice accordingly to our face shape important? Obviously. If you know face contouring, you also know how to use few cosmetics to make face appear slimmer and more beautiful. In the best position are girls who have oval face — this shape is considered by make-up artists to be perfect. What if you do not have the perfect facial features? I will teach you the professional make-up.


It is a face type with a low forehead, rounded cheekbones and chin. You should apply concealer on the temples and jaw; blend it towards the ears. Cheekbones treat with a blusher. In the middle of the forehead, on the bridge of the nose, chin and cheeks use some highlighter. This way you are going to slim the sides and emphasise the centre of the face.


The triangular face has: wide forehead, narrow chin and wide cheekbones. You should apply concealer on the cheekbones and on both sides of the chin. From cheeks to the hair line use blusher and right under it apply some highlighter. Your task is to widen “the tip” of triangular face and to slim down its opposite part.


The rectangular face has sharp features, narrow forehead and chin, long cheekbones. Concealer should be applied on the temples and jaw, highlighter in the middle of the chin, under the cheekbones and temples, blusher on the top of the cheekbones. If your face has more gentle features, you can call it long. To shape it, on the forehead and chin apply concealer, cheekbones treat with blusher and eyes area stress with a highlighter.


The square face has characteristic pointy jaw bones, wide forehead and small cheeks. In this case, concealer applies on both sides of the jaw and forehead. The blusher use on the cheekbones and highlighter on the bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin.

How do you choose your make-up?

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