Love Handles, Crow’s Feet & Marionette Lines. Funny names of your body imperfections

Hello Girls,

How to deal with body imperfections? Make up funny names for them! And when you finally provide yourself with mental comfort, visit a cosmetologist to help you remove them. In the meantime, find out how amusingly various body imperfections are called.

Love Handles

Indeed, this is a very cute name for our sides, which are the deposits of fat accumulated around our hips. Unfortunately, I know that they can drive you around the bend when you want to put on tight-fitting jeans – then the fat ‘overflows’. Sadly, it’s really hard to remove them, I’m aware of that. Nevertheless, you can try to give a go to mesotherapy. In brief, this procedure depends on introducing a special, let me call it, ‘cocktail’ underneath the skin. This mixture of substances’ aim is to burn off fat tissue and make skin more supple. In fact, similar effects are obtained due to the use of a device which separates fat cells (ultrasonic waves emission).

Crow’s Feet

This kind of wrinkles is known to all girls. They tend to appear around 30 and belong to the group of, so-called, laughter lines. In short, they come into existence due to expressive facial expressions (squinting, frequent smiling or furrowing your eyebrows). Crow’s Feet also develop as a result of elasticity and moisture loss. Is there any method to get rid of them? Give a try to Mesobotox which is a combination of mesotherapy and injection of botulinum toxin. Basically, the procedure requires introducing Botox very shallowly underneath the skin. Thanks to this, visibility of wrinkles is reduced and skin becomes elastic again.

Marionette Lines

Wrinkles which separate lips and chin from the remaining face parts are called Marionette Lines. They appear around 40 and make our face look sad. The solution here might be introducing a special preparation underneath our skin; the preparation that fills in gaps in the tissue and shapes face oval. During this procedure, face gains right proportions and youthful look. This treatment focusing on reducing visibility or wrinkles doesn’t cause swellings nor unnatural effects.

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