Lifehack. Discover my method for perfectly smooth complexion without mask effect

There are some days that it is necessary to apply a heavier foundation. In my case, the most common occurrence is in THOSE days when a lot of pimples appear on my chin and around the nose. Covering them with a concealer and full coverage foundation is a must when I have to go out for an important meeting. Of course, if I stay at home, I do not apply any make-up.

How to apply make-up?

There are a few simple rules that can help you keep the naturalness of your make-up. You must follow them carefully to obtain desired effects. The foundation should be applied with a flat top brush or a sponge (I do it with my beauty blender). Fingers are the last resort, because they never distribute the product well, and certainly not in small quantities. The second rule is that you should pat the cosmetic into the skin rather than smear it. This way, we get better coverage, longer lasting make-up, and use less product. Everything is great, but even sticking to these principles can result in an overdone make-up, for example when we reach for a very thick formula.

My method: applying foundation with dots

I know it might seem weird at first, but it is 100% effective. What is more, it does not require any specialised tools or cosmetics. All can be done with your favourite foundation (no matter its consistency) and a brush or a sponge.

How to do it?

– prepare your foundation and concealer. I prefer to use two shades and a very light shade of the concealer. Only then, I am able to achieve natural effects.

– take some product with your finger and dab it onto your face creating dots. The space between the dots should have about 2-3 cm. Where to ‘stamp’ your face? Using your concealer, create a diverted triangle under your eyes. Under your cheek bone, apply darker dots in a straight line from your lips towards your ears. With the same shade, place some dots at your temples, the sides of your forehead and along your jawline. Using a lighter shade, fill in the rest of your face.

– The last step is to blend it all together with your favourite sponge or brush. Always do it in circular motion, dabbing the foundation into your skin.

Face contouring with the dot method

This make-up technique has a number of advantages. First of all, thanks to evenly distributed, small amounts of the product, it is a lot easier to blend it all over your face. In this case we use less cosmetic and the effect is still visible. Your foundation will still cover up your imperfections, however, the final result will be much more natural and prevents the foundation to accumulate in wrinkles or pores. What is more, thanks to creating dots on my face, I finally learnt how to contour! It is the best way to practice it.

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