Let Me Tell You How I Hindered My Hair Loss Effortlessly & Effectively

Yeah, I know that autumn has come, hair falls like leaves from trees and it’s quite normal… but my hair situation started getting serious. It really upset me. Even though I know people lose 50-100 hairs a day and it’s a norm, I had never got close to the limit. This year it got really bad. My hair fell in handfuls and, seriously, it was an unpleasant surprise. I thought I’d been taking good care of my hairdo. Unfortunately, BAD things started happening. Not only was I unable to control my hair fall but it also got dull, looking so lifeless, weighed down and frizzy at the ends. It was a clear sign that my hair cried for help. I took action. After four weeks or so, this tragedy was behind me. Do you know how to prevent hair loss? Without invasive and pricey procedures.

How to hold back hair loss – you’ll make use of this knowledge 🙂

Before rounding up real remedies preventing hair loss, I must make you aware of a crucial issue: the power of hair doesn’t lie in its stem, it lies in its bulb. It is rooted in skin. This very bulb determines how hair looks, whether it’s healthy and strong or lacking nutrients and in poor condition. That’s why delivering nutrients and making bulbs stronger are two key steps while fighting for beautiful hair which grows up like a weed and doesn’t fall down in handfuls.

  • Hair bulb which sits in a follicle is ROOTED – its roots, or blood vessels, take nutrients from our bodies. The bulb absorbs everything we apply to scalp – remember about that to ‘feed’ it the right way with a set of vitamins and micro elements.
  • Cellular divisions occur in a bulb, to be more precise – in the hair matrix (‘bottom’ part of the bulb) which is ended by the so-called papilla. This is the heart of the bulb, the center, the place of hair birth. Worth knowing so that you can make the job easier for your bulbs 🙂
  • A clean scalp is also essential for hair growth and fighting against the hair loss. A high number of harmful molecules (e.g. too much keratin or styling products’ buildup) settling at hair roots equals hair bulbs having a hard time. Hair is brittle at the roots and easily breaks plus it’s weighed down by products and has no power to grow. To make things worse, functioning of sebaceous glands is intensified to help save hair from being dry and overproteined. That’s why you must take best care of your scalp and hair and cleanse them regularly.

That’s enough theory.

You’re conscious now so let me take you to a hair treatment.

Which anti hair loss remedies are really effective?

How to prevent hair loss – brilliant, home, tried & tested treatments

Obviously, they’re not tested by me only. Lots of bloggers, vloggers, hair care freaks, hairstylists and even oldest Indian books recommend and encourage to go for the following treatments. What are they?

Anti Hair Loss Treatments: SCALP EXFOLIATION

Underappreciated yet excellent!

A scalp exfoliator thoroughly purifies scalp, frees it of all product ‘clogs’, sebum excess, keratin buildup (too much is no good in this case)… There’s more to the treatment, though. A scalp scrub stimulates blood flow, which is essential for the proper function of bulbs. Increased circulation makes cells livelier, helps important ingredients penetrate skin, letting you get rid of toxins at the same time. Such a scalp detox is brilliant: nothing disturbs processes in the hair matrix.

Feel free to make your own home scrub but I recommend drugstore, natural products. IGK Walnut Scrub is among the best ones now and the purifying scrub launched by Christophe Robin. There are even exfoliating shampoos. All scalp exfoliators should be used once a week. Not only do they cleanse skin but also wash hair and open cuticles (purifying the hair stem as well), priming hair for receiving precious nutrients delivered by hair masks, oils or conditioners. Therefore, you should combine scalp exfoliation with hair oil treatment – in-depth nourishing of inner structures.

Anti Hair Loss Treatments: HAIR OIL TREATMENT

Hair oil treatment is the best thing that helps you tackle hair problems, not just blocking hair loss. Applying oils to hair solves most hair problems: boosts hair growth, enhances the looks and condition, increases moisture, intensifies color, adds shine, fixes inner disulfide bonds, strengthens bulbs, regulates sebum, purifies scalp, delivers vitamins, flavonoids and plant sterols, prevents hair breakage and splitting, protects from damage (even caused by heat styling).

Doing a hair oil treatment once a week will do but if you’ve got extremely exhausted hair, do it every 2-3 days. Remember to pick a good hair oil (e.g. Nanoil) or oil-based mask which is suitable for both hair and scalp use. Oils are unbeatable when it comes to scalp massage, improvement of blood flow, reinforcement and nourishment from the hair roots to ends. Oil treatments make strands stop falling out, make them firmly rooted in follicles and accelerate growth. My oil managed to block hair loss in less than a month. Now I’ve got lots of new hairs – my hairdo’s getting a volume boost. I’ve learned what it means to have a head flooded by baby hair.

Anti Hair Loss Treatments: FLORAL WATERS, RINSES, HERBS

Hydrosols, or floral waters, are brilliant body care products – working wonders as facial toners and lotions for healthier hair and better working scalp. Rosemary flower water is one of the most effective anti hair loss hydrosols. Not only does it perfectly cleanse scalp and enhance blood flow but also balances sebum secretion and helps do away with dandruff. Damask rose water (removes hair dullness and coarseness) and witch hazel water (a strong antioxidant, moisturises, soothes scalp, detoxifies) are life-changing hydrosols, too.

Spray hydrosols onto hair throughout its length and to scalp.

A herbal rinse is another amazing remedy (often mixed with a bit of apple cider vinegar which adds shine, gently acidifies skin, evens out pH and balances sebum secretion). Herbs have been valued as ideal beauty products for ages 🙂 Choose the ones that are famous for enhancing hair: nettle, horsetail, camomile, melissa, rock rose, licorice.

A hair rinse is a great product for the final rinsing – feel free to use it after every hair wash.

I like to mix camomile, horsetail and nettle infusion and rinse out my hair with the mixture.

After nearly a month of regular cleansing, oil treatments, rinsing hair with herb mixtures, my hair got its vigor back and stopped falling out insanely. Have you ever tried hair oil treatments? Have you got your favorite oils? Do you use scalp scrubs?

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