Is your skin oily? Read about the things you should avoid in skin care

I’ve been struggling with problematic complexion since I can remember. Shiny chin, forehead and cheeks. I put a lot of effort into face care. I wear delicate and non-clogging make-up. I use excellent toners that cleanse the complexion and restore pH. Sadly, it still bears no fruit.

Only recently I’ve discovered what is really important in oily skin care.

If your skin is oily, the article is especially for you. I’d like to share with my readers what I’ve learnt about oily skin care within the last several months. A mattifying powder isn’t enough!

Our skin is prone to producing too much sebum and requires a lot of care. Although oily skin ages more slowly, it is not so healthy to have permanently clogged pores and shiny skin. We should do our best to reduce the oiliness.

Take a closer look at your skin care habits. I’d like to present three most common mistakes in oily skin care. Are you guilty of committing them? If you are, change it immediately!

Mistake 1 – You avoid cleansing the face with oils

I realise how strange this sounds but oiling is beneficial for oily skin. Try using a natural oil as a make-up remover. You will see that your worries were unjustified. Although natural oils have a greasy consistency, they help to control sebum secretion. If we go for oils that are excellently absorbed (e.g. raspberry, sweet almond, argan), we will effectively fight with blackheads. Natural oils can replace make-up removers because they have the ability to remove even durable make-up. Don’t wait any longer. Try face oiling.

Mistake 2 – You expose your skin to the sunlight too easily

People believe that the sun is able to make oily skin less oily. I don’t know where this conviction comes from. Exposing the skin to the sun is most popular among acne-sufferers who think that the sunlight can dry their pimples. Regrettably, the impression that the sun reduces sebum secretion is very misleading and deceptive. Remember that the sunrays are harmful for oily skin because they can cause dehydration. In this case, the defence mechanism will start working: the skin will produce even more sebum to save itself from losing moisture.

Mistake 3 – You give up on hydrating your skin

You believe that oily skin is not threatened by dehydration – it is your biggest problem. Non-stop oily skin seems to have even too much moisture. Nevertheless, oily skin also needs permanent hydration, just like normal or dry skin. Every skin type is exposed to dehydration, therefore we should remember to use a light moisturiser, for example, to avoid the combination of shiny and dry skin.

Take care of your oily skin the way I do – reasonably and with your eyes open!

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