How to Enjoy the Longest-Lasting Makeup in Summer? Foundation vs Skin Type

The sunlight and foundation surely don’t make a good match. When we add some skin type, we get a real bomb. So, is it possible to put on a long-lasting makeup? Luckily for you, I know a few tricks that will help you survive hot days looking gorgeous.


Before applying foundation, make sure your skin is well-moisturised. Use a cream that contains both hydrating ingredients and sunscreen. Remember about enzymatic scrubs and moisturising masks in your daily skincare. Buying foundation, check if it includes e.g. Shea butter – it effectively protects from dryness and loss of water, and seals the natural skin lipid barrier. Moreover, your cosmetic should include vitamins A and E that prevent face skin dehydration.


Go for foundations that reduce shine and sebum production as well as deliver the right level of moisture. Avoid products that include alcohol (although it dries pimples, it also speeds up sebum secretion and intensifies shine). Together with the mattifying foundation, use a transparent powder and oil absorbing sheets. If you want a perfect summer makeup, take proper care of your oily skin. Use micellar water for taking off makeup and clay masks for skin cleansing.


Makeup is the most complicated in this skin type. You must match cosmetics to normal or dry cheeks and oily T zone (forehead, nose and chin). Both foundations and creams must fulfil two tasks: mattify shiny face and reduce sebum secretion as well as ensure the right hydration. Applying several cosmetics will be tiring so looking for combination skin products is a better idea.

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