How to draw lines on your eyelids? With Metallic Luster Liner by Anastasia Beverly Hills it’s easy-peasy


Skilful wielding of an eyeliner or an eye pencil isn’t that easy. If you want to draw an even line, the one which is to decorate your eyes, you need to have knack in doing this. Practise applying such make-up with Anastasia Beverly Hills and its new Metallic Luster Liner.

Metallic eye make-up by ABH

Metallic Luster Liner by ABH is a pencil thanks to which you can do every, even the most complicated eye make-up. Although there are just two colours of the cosmetic available, they will let you do your eyes just the way you want to. So, you can choose between Liquid Gold and Liquid Silver both delivering shimmering finish. The pencil has creamy formula thanks to which it is super easy to glide over eyelids and blend with eyeshadows. It’s resistant to water, sweat and moist; it puts up with high and low temperatures. The product is safe for sensitive eyes and delicate eyelid skin; it can be applied by people wearing contact lenses and glasses.

How to use eye pencil by ABH?

Contrary to appearances, it’s not that easy task. Applying a neat eyeline, especially for beginners, may appear to be no mean feat. How to do it the right way and, let’s say, fairly capably? Firstly, your eyelids should be already done so you can match the right shade of the pencil and the thickness of the line to apply. Sit comfortably and, without pulling nor pressing the eyelid skin, try to draw a line. Of course, choose its shape of the line accordingly to your preferences. Just remember that the end of the line should be delicately lifted up so as to make your eyes optically more enhanced and bigger. If you want to, you can blend Metallic Luster Liner by Anastasia Beverly Hills with eyeshadows. At the end, coat your lashes with a mascara and correct all possible make-up flops.

Tricks for making the eyeline straight and neat

Luckily, there are plenty of tricks thanks to which you can draw a perfect line on your eyelids. For example, you can use a template made of… a spoon or adhesive tape. Basically, all you have to do is put the item to the edge of the eyelid. The line will be defined by the rim of the spoon which stands out from the eye area. And what about the adhesive tape? Attach it to the place where the lash line finishes, draw a line with Metallic Luster Liner and unstick the tape delicately. However, be careful not to pull out lashes or spoil the already applied make-up.

If you know any other ways of applying eyeliner, please share them below.

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