How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Autumn? Several Long-Lasting & Stunning Hairdos

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Wind, rain and no sunlight are the characteristics of the regular autumn. How to style hair in such weather? Today, I’ll tell you how to create a few long-lasting, very easy and beautiful autumn hairstyles. Sit comfortably in front of the mirror, take a comb and a good hair product.

Loose hair

In this season, natural and a bit messy hairdos will be in. If it appeals to you, run your fingers through hair. Don’t curl or straighten. How to give the hairdo a twist? Gather hair on one side for a new parting and increased volume. To avoid flyaways, fix the style with a spray or gel.


If you don’t like flyaways and messy look, make a smooth bun. Use a special cosmetic e.g. a hair oil for extra shine and nourishing. Try out a sponge hair band – it’s available at every drugstore or shops with hair accessories. Wrap the strands around the band and secure hair ends with pins. Spray the updo with a fixer. You may add a few clips or a bow.

Unique decorations

How to tame unruly strands? Use hair pins. If you choose regular black ones, the effect won’t be stunning. What can you do? Choose colourful pins in different sizes and shapes. Arrange them in some nice patterns.

YES for the new hair texture

If you let your hair down, don’t smooth it. As I’ve mentioned, natural and wind-blown hairdos will be a thing this season. How to achieve it? Right after washing, apply a sea salt-infused styling product and use a diffuser blow-dryer. Final effect? Beachy waves, uneven texture, messy look.

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