How to care for skin after turning 25? Young skin care schedule

Skin care is a tough challenge once you turn 25. This type of skin is prone to various kinds of aging-related skin conditions. It has gone through many make-up experiments and new beauty product tests. You should focus on keeping your still-young skin healthy. How to get round to it and what kind of  skin care regimen to follow?

What’s skin of (over) 25-year-olds like?

Skin at this age is in the best shape and boasts about the sufficient amount of estrogens, nutrients, collagen and hyaluronic acid. As a result, it’s firm, has an even tone, looks rested and radiant. Too bad, there are lots of factors ready to attack it, incld. stress, hormonal imbalance, improper care, applying too many make-up products or not removing make-up. What’s the result? Youthful skin is invaded by wrinkles, acne and other blemishes.

How to care for skin after turning 25?

Ideally, draw up your own skin care schedule featuring the following steps:

  1. Face cleansing: give up on regular soaps for moisturising cleansers. The former products damage the skin’s hydro-lipid layer and trigger occurrence of blemishes and intensified oil production. On the other hand, moisture-boosting products prevent wrinkles and protect lipid coat against damage. Once or twice a week use a mild scrub to repair and clear skin of dead cells and make-up residues.
  2. Moisturizing: the best you can treat your skin to. This step is big if you want to keep skin young-looking and healthy. Check moisturising products for hyaluronic acid, aloe, vitamins and minerals.
  3. Sun shield: a sunblock is a must to enjoy young, wrinkle-free and smooth skin. This way you also protect it against sunburn and cancer.
  4. Make-up removal: taking make-up off every evening matters hugely when speaking of keeping skin clean and healthy. If you leave make-up for the whole night (or a few days…), you’re about to spot some spots when looking in the mirror soon.
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