Have your hair undergone keratin treatment? Find out how to take care of your straightened strands


It’s typical for keratin hair straightening treatment to make hair smooth and glossy. On the other hand though, such treatment is responsible for weighing strands down which isn’t preceived as a looked-for effect. In order to let the positive outcomes last longer, we have to take care of the hair properly. How to do it? You’re going to find this out by reading this entry. Enjoy!

Why do we need to take special care of hair exposed to keratin hair straightening treatment?

There are two reasons for that: prolonging the treatment’s effects and supplying hair with keratin. You will probably ask what is the point in helping the outcome last longer as the treatment is meant to be permanent – after all, you just have to undergo the treatment one more time after almost 6 months. It appears that keratin washes down and disappears from strands so they start curling again. This vanishing of keratin depends on many factors: type of our hair, the quality of preparations used by a hairdresser and her/his skills, and the technique applied. For that reason, it’s crucial to use preparations that don’t encourage keratin loss. And I’m talking here about strong shampoos, silicones, dehydrating alcohols and salt. The second reason is supplying hair with keratin. The best solution is buying a cosmetic containing hydrolysed keratin. Also, you should beware protein overload; have a humectant conditioner at hand.

Does keratin hair straightening treatment damage hair?

After the treatment hair is smooth, glossy and soft. This might sound surprising but during the procedure hair gets significantly overburdened – after all, it’s exposed to high temperatures and various chemical preparations. Many girls are convinced that since their hair looks so marvellous, there is no point in spending time on taking care of the strands. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to preserve the incredible effects the keratin hair straightening treatment delivers, you should treat your hair with special cosmetics. Otherwise, your amazing-looking hair will start getting curly and lose the natural shine soon.

What cosmetics will you need?

1. Hair washing

Instead of using a shampoo, you can go for a conditioner with oil/oil blend content, antistatic substances and ingredients responsible for smoothing hair out. If you aren’t fond of this type of hair washing, use a delicate shampoo. Such product should be made of very gentle working detergents, and must be deprived of salts, silicones and alcohols. Moreover, bear in mind that a shampoo should match scalp, whereas a conditioner/mask should match hair needs.

2. Hair conditioners

I wouldn’t recommend you using conditioners that contain silicones, salts, SLES or alcohol. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you should throw away all products that contain the very substances at the end of the list of ingredients. After exposing hair to keratein treatment, you should reach for hair conditioners deigned for dry and damaged hair. Such conditioners should feature plant extracts, keratin and silk. Also, such products should enhance the natural hair shine and smooth it out.

3. Hair masks

When it comes to hair masks, it’s important to find products containing keratin. You can also look for the substances I’ve mentioned above. Give a try to hair masks applied before washing, designed for dry and damaged hair or gloss-delivering masks for colour-treated hair.

4. Hair end protection

It’s obvious that hair ends are prone to splitting and damages. What might be surprising though, strands can get damaged even after keratin hair straightening treatment. For that reason, they have to be protected using cosmetics containing silicones. However, don’t let the product leave any thick and oily layer on hair. Instead of using products with silicones, you can go for natural oils, for example apricot seed oil, strawberry seed oil or plump seed oil.

How do you take care of your hair after exposing them to keratin treatment?

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