Green treatment that deals with post-acne marks and discolorations

I’ve been fighting with post-acne marks for months and I have to tell you that recently their number has decreased significantly. I know that unfortunately, each ‘change’ triggers development of unsightly ‘souvenirs’ on our face… discolorations, ugly spots and small lesions that are hard to get rid of. Today, I’d like to share with my readers the methods thanks to which I cope with the skin imperfections.


Do you know that the best way to eliminate post-acne marks is a mixture of aloe and spirulina? Don’t you? I also knew diddly squat about the action of these two natural substances. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to somehow came across these two ingredients and learn the magnificent power they have when combined.

I completely agree that the process of eliminating skin imperfections is a very troublesome one. The fight for skin purification is mundane because acne is always reluctant to leave our face alone. Even when we manage to combat the pimples, they tend to mark the territory they used to live. Acne create marks and discolorations which are worn by many throughout their entire life. Luckily, I didn’t surrender and I decided to fight for beautiful complexion of mine. I don’t want this ugly acne to leave any, even the tiniest, blemish on my face! Like, none!

♥ Aloe + Spirulina

Lately I’ve discovered that two best products that deal with skin discolorations are aloe and spirulina, which is also known and sea algae. Both substances can be bought online, for example, in shops selling semi-finished products. All you have to do is mix them together and the face mask is ready.

  • ALOE – it’s my beloved plant of medical features. Probably you’re acquainted with the soothing action of aloe gel which is often used to treat sunburns. Recently, I’ve learnt that the same substance deals with acne. It minimalizes the damages which various lesions do to our skin. Aloe contains vitamins and minerals that encourage skin to activate its self-renewal processes. It effectively highlights discolorations and scars.
  • SPIRULINA – this is the second ingredient that is commonly known as blue-green algae. Spirulina is frequently used in the field of cosmetics as it is added to many food supplements because of the wide range of valuable microelements it contains. The substance penetrates skin fast, stimulates blood circulation and encourages natural skin purification processes. I knew from experience that together with aloe spirulina works great. It’s a cosmetic that leaves skin smooth, even and radiant.

♥ Aloe and Spirulina face mask – Recipe

This mask that deals with post-acne marks is easy to prepare. Take 1-2 spoons of aloe gel and a small teaspoon of powdered sea algae. I apply the mixture to face in the morning and evening, of course, I cleanse my face first. The mask has to be left on the face for a quarter of an hour and reapplied every 2-3 weeks so as to make the difference noticeable.

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