Good Things Come in Small Packages – Kat Von D Mini Eyeshadow Palette Review


Matte eye or lip makeup is a thing so Kat Von D – a tattoo artist – made use of it. She launched MetalMatte Mini Eyeshadow Palette. How it works?

What’s interesting in the mini palette?

MetalMatte Mini Palette consists of five matte shades and their five shimmering equivalents. Considering the palette’s name and creator, the hues are quite surprising. These are:

  • white (Bone – matte & Thunderstruck – shine)
  • gold (Feather – matte & Flash – shine)
  • light pink (Suede – matte & Doce – shine)
  • brown (Oak – matte & Synergy – shine)
  • violet (Velvet – matte & Raw Power – shine)

What effect do Kat Von D Eyeshadows give?

MetalMatte Palette is highly-pigmented so it gives a bold look. Applying the shades wet isn’t a must. A regular application will do for a mind-blowing effect. You can mix colors as you like. Matte and shimmery eye makeup is possible with Kat Von D Palette. The eyeshadows have a lightweight formula and don’t fall on cheeks when you apply them. The famous tattoo artist offers mini eyeshadow versions in other products, too. There’s a palette with 22 shadows including greens, blues, violets and grays. There’s a big mirror inside so applying makeup is really easy.

Do you know…

There’s something unique except for the eyeshadows themselves. It’s the design. There’s a shimmery writing on the lid – the palette’s name which is an ambigram. If you flip the palette upside down, the word Metal reads as Matte. In this way, one word conceals the palette’s name.

Are you going to try Kat Von D Mini Palette out?

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