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Make-up removal may seem like a tired subject to discuss and that we already know that is to know about it. In spite of that fact, we still repeat the same mistakes and believe some myths that make your make-up removal and cleansing being done incorrectly. Meet the 5 most important facts on the subject so that your face can always be cleaned properly. Enjoy!

5 facts and myths about the face cleanse

1. The water alone is not enough

Minimalists believe that the cleanse with the water alone is enough for the skin to become clean. That is simply not true because most of the impurities that skin gathers throughout the day are not soluble in water. Such substances are, e.g. sebum, the fats used in cosmetics, fumes, and smog. That is why you should always use products for a face wash that can handle skin cleanse and leave it perfectly clean.

2. Toner is not for cleansing

Toner is definitely not the product that can clean your face. Of course, it can be helpful in removing the residues that couldn’t be “picked up” by the washing gel of foam but if you use it separately, you will gain nothing. Toner is one of the steps in face cleanse that is intended to conclude it, i.e. balance and calm the skin by restoring its pH.

3. Cleanse may also gently exfoliate

It all thanks to innovative cleansing cosmetics. If you want your skin to be gentle and noninvasive and to gradually clean it during the cleansing, you should try toner with composition based on gentle acids. The perfect choice can be, e.g. Pixi toner.

4. Make-up removing milk or micellar liquid is not enough to clean skin

Unfortunately, there is this belief that if you clear skin with cleansing milk or micellar liquid, it is perfectly clean. Sadly, it is not the correct beauty ritual which should involve a few steps and cosmetics. That is:

  • make-up removal (cleansing milk, oil, or micellar liquid),
  • face wash (special soap, paste, gel, foam, or washing powder),
  • toner (toner, herbal water, or emulsion),
  • face care (serum, cream).

5. Face wash is not make-up removal!

Those two should be done separately. Remember that it’s not enough to wash make-up cosmetics for the skin to be beautiful. You should also learn to differentiate the two treatments one from another. The conditioning starts the moment you do the make-up removal, e.g. cleansing milk, micellar water, or micellar gel, but also oil for OCM. Those products are able to dissolve and remove make-up. Then you should wash your face with foam, powder, or gel because those remove excess sebum and dirt.

That’s all. Have you heard about those skincare and cleansing rules? Do you have your favourite make-up removal and washing cosmetics (cleansing)? Do you know any cheaper replacement for the iconic Pixi? If yes, let me know! I wish you perfectly cleansed skin 🙂

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