Face care and make-up at all ages. How to do it the right way?

Hello Girls,

Young skin requires to be treated completely differently than mature skin. Women in their 20s need totally different set of cosmetics than women in their 50s. Also make-up isn’t the same. How to condition and apply make-up to skin of all ages? You’ll find the answer in my today’s entry.

Check and ma(t)e! Skin at its 20s

Young skin needs to be treated in a special way. Therefore, choose the cosmetics that will replenish it with water, soothe irritations and counteract acne. At this age, face starts featuring pimples and blackheads whereas glands start producing a lot of serum. It’s important to use cosmetics with the doubled face cleansing power that contain alcohol. In the light of this, I recommend you to buy products designed for sensitive skin that feature vitamin C and E, which highlight, smooth and moisturise skin.

How should young girls apply make-up? First and foremost, colour cosmetics can’t contain talc, oils as well as artificial and comedogenic substances. Instead, use mineral cosmetics and the ones containing anti-bacterial ingredients. With a topical concealer you can camouflage imperfections and with a powder or a mist you will fix the entire make-up.

Care and make-up for women in their 30s

Women turning their 30 should reach for anti-age cosmetics. Moisturising creams, scrubs and highlighting products will also serve you right. I can also suggest making use of facelift masks or undergoing similar treatments at a beauty parlour’s. Moreover, do your best to protect your face against the sun to minimalize the risk of wrinkles or discolorations.

How should women in their 30s apply make-up? Make-up base will moisturise skin, evens its tone and extends make-up hold. Apply a highlighting foundation and to gift your complexion with freshness, apply a blusher. Don’t forget to define your eyes and lips. Bear in mind that intensive colours will distract the attention from the first wrinkles.

Moisturisation for 40-year-olds

Skin at this age gets thinner and thinner, gradually becomes more sensitive and dry. The level of hyaluronic acid gets lower, as the collagen fibres are getting weak. Therefore, it is so important to replenish skin with moisture, protect it against free radicals and smooth the wrinkles. For that reason, apply products rich in peptides, vitamins and microelements.

How should women in their 40s apply make-up? Certainly, you should focus on moisturising. Your cosmetics shall feature natural ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and minerals. Also, all the mineral cosmetics or the ones featuring sparkling particles will serve your skin just right.

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