Every girl’s makeup kit. What kind of makeup brushes should you have?


A foundation, a powder, a lipstick and eyeshadows are only a part of many girls’ makeup collection. There are also makeup brushes to apply these products with. Check out which are most essential for creating the perfect look for every occasion.

Synthetic vs natural

What kind of makeup brushes to choose? Which ones are better the synthetic or natural ones? Those made of artificial bristles or the ecological organic materials? Perhaps it doesn’t make that much of a difference? As a matter of fact, for allergy sufferer and professional makeup artists, it is a big deal! However, if you only do makeup for yourself and not backstage but in the comfort of your own home, the type of brush you use will not matter that much. Both the synthetic as well as the natural ones will allow you to create the perfect and flawless look. Try out a few of them just to see what you like better.

Foundation brushes

There are at least three types of brushes recommended for foundation application. The first of these is a brush cut from both sides and with long bristles in the middle. This shape makes it possible to apply the product to the hard-to-reach places (near the nose, in the corners of the mouth or along the hairline). The second type is a brush that I like to call a stamp. It is cut flat, which ensures accurate coverage of the face without leaving any streaks. The last type of brush is quite flat, which we use as an ordinary paintbrush: we apply the foundation the face as if we were painting a wall (yes, it might sound a bit odd).

Powder brushes 

For the powder application, you will need a large fluffy brush. Such type of applicator allows to use the tiniest amount of the product and ensure natural effect. However, if you are not a fan of powder brushes you might as well use a powder puff. All you need to do is to press it against the face and the matte effect will last throughout the day.

Bronzer powder 

Such accessories should be suitable for face contouring and for blending out the cosmetics evenly. Angled cut bristles will allow the bronzer to be applied under the cheekbones, on the side of the nose, around the jaw, at the temples, or at other places of your choice. These brushes are multifunctional: ideal for applying the blush and highlighter as well.

What about you? What kinds of brushes do you like to use? Do you have your personal favourites?
I want to hear all about it:)

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