Effective under eye cream. What should it contain?

An under eye cream has to be applied from an early age because the delicate skin under eyes is a few times more prone to damaging action of various factors than the rest of our face. For that reason, the sings of ageing that appear as the first ones can be noticed exactly in this very area of our face.

Did you also come to conclusion that it’s high time to reach for an under eye cream the moment you had noticed the first crow’s feet and black circles around your eyes? Welcome to the club!

Even if you haven’t been using an under eye creams and you reach for it no earlier than after noticing the first disturbing changes that have touched your eye skin area, it still isn’t too late. It’s better to start taking care of this face part slightly later than resigning from it totally. Skin that will be bombarded with vitamins may restore its previous, perfect condition. The key is choosing the proper product that will nourish, regenerate and beautify eye skin area in the effective way.


From my own experience and thanks to what I managed to learn by reading various magazines and articles, I’m going to present you the substances that an under eye cream should contain. The substances that serve this delicate eye skin area best. The next time, look for the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
    It’s a good idea to look for the products that don’t only contain substances of nourishing action but also the highlighting one. One of such products is vitamin C, which after a few minutes after application makes skin lightened up and radiant. Moreover, this is a substance that works long. Vitamin C added to an under eye cream makes the product sweep off the free radicals that are responsible for developing the signs of fatigue, which are clear to see in this face area.
  • Caffeine or Hesperidin
    A decent under eye cream should also contain substances that improve blood circulation in skin. An additive in the form of caffeine or some substances it is present in (I’m thinking here about coffee or coffee extracts) facilitate faster elimination of bruises, petechia and minor haematoma in the area of eyes. When it comes to hesperidin (used to be called vitamin P2), which can be found in citrus fruits, it has anti-oxygenating and anti-inflammatory action.
  • Vitamin E
    This substance, called the vitamin of youth, must be included in an under eye cream. This ingredient, similarly to vitamin C, has the ability to neutralize free radicals, protect the epidermis against damages, counteract skin dehydration and improve elasticity. Point often overlooked, vitamin E is also able to reduce erythema and swellings around eyes.
  • Coenzyme Q10
    The last substance that is worth finding in under eye products is coenzyme Q10. This is a natural component of skin that combines a range of essential features. For example, it slows down ageing processes, increases elasticity and hydration, evens skin tone and counteracts wrinkles. Since it takes care of the sensitive eye skin area in a comprehensive way, it’s crucial for a cream to have coenzyme Q10 in its composition.
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