Dos & Dont’s – How to Enjoy Long and Beautiful Hair?

Hey, girls!

Today, I will tell you my little secret. You will find out how I grew my hair long. Not easy… yet I made it. Now, my hair reaches the middle of my back and keeps growing! If you also want to have longer hair, read on to check the dos and dont’s. Enjoy!

Rule One: Use a Moisturising Mask

Keeping both hair and scalp moisturised is the base for good care. A proper amount of water in the body prevents premature greying and ageing of hair. If you fail to provide it, hair is brittle, dull, coarse and exposed to damaging external factors. How do I care for my scalp? I use the moisturising mask, applying it to clean and damp strands twice a week. I rinse it out after a few minutes. Effect? Shiny, resilient and strong hairdo!

Rule Two: Gentle Brushing

I never comb wet hair because it could become weak and prone to damage. I always use natural bristle brushes or wide tooth combs. Different shops offer accessories made from wood, ivory, pearl or wild boar bristle. If you use such gadgets, you make sure your hair is perfectly combed out and conditioned. How to brush hair the right way? Divide it into smaller sections; bend your head down or to one side. Remember not to pull the strands because this is how hair gets weak and thinning.

Rule Three: Care for Hair Ends

If you want to grow long hair, you must take care of hair tips. That is why remember to moisturise and smooth them to make the hairdo look amazing and healthy. Trim ends every two months. Just keep in mind that cutting down split ends will not boost hair growth! Mind that not cutting them down will cause further damage that will go up and up… Consequently, you will have to cut a few inches. The plan of growing long hair will end up in failure.

Rule Four: Use Cosmetics and Supplements

How to quickly grow long hair? Care for it outside and from within. Use cosmetics abounding in vitamins and micro-nutrients. Enrich your diet with supplements for scalp care. Eat a portion of fruit and vegetables with every meal. Give up on salty snacks, fast food and fizzy drinks.

Rule Five: Protect from Damage

Shield hair from changeable weather conditions. Cut down on heat styling. Reinforce the natural protective barrier of hair. The sunlight, high temperatures, careless brushing, regular coloring and using strong drying products (including styling cosmetics) can largely weaken the condition of your scalp. If you desire to have a beautiful hairdo, take the best care of your scalp and hair.

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