Damaged & Over-Processed Hair – Let Me Tell You How to Repair It

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I am fully aware that not each of us can boast about beautiful or at least pretty and unproblematic hair. That’s why I share a few tips about dry, weak, frizzy and thinning strands. This is the type of hair that needs most care and repair.

Today’s post is dedicated to hair that calls for rescue.

Damaged Hair – What Is It Like?

Damaged hair refers to many different flaws that your hair can have. From split and dry ends, dull, lackluster and brittle hair to thinning strands. Your hair can also be burnt and over-processed due to notorious bleaching that destroys disulphide bonds inside hair. Such a hair type stretches like rubber.

Damaged Hair – What Does It Need?

Most of all…. Peace and quiet. No more blow-drying, thermal rollers, flat irons, backcombing, bleaching, coloring or any other treatment that will make the situation even worse.

Hair that has gone through a lot will surely like a mild shampoo – the one that doesn’t irritate, dehydrate or is comedogenic. If you wonder which one to choose among natural and organic products, go for a kids shampoo. You’ll be sure it will deal gently with both your hairdo and scalp.

Balm or Conditioner for Damaged Hair – Yes or No?

Many women wonder if a balm or conditioner will weigh down or dehydrate their hair. Definitely, not! On condition that you go for a high-quality cosmetic that moisturises and regenerates as well as won’t make hair dry in the long run. Pay attention to ingredients and avoid ‘bad’ short-chain alcohols and heavy silicones.

Damaged Hair – How to Repair?

Using natural oils is the best remedy for damaged hairdos. Hair oil treatment will never destroy your hair. Instead, it works deeply and comprehensively because – as one of the few treatments – it directly influences hair bulbs and reinforces hair from within. The more damaged your hair is, the more often you should do the oil treatment. You can apply an oil before every hair wash.

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